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Your donation will cover medical expenses not covered by insurance, rent, food, monthly bills and emergency loans.

Hi Family and Friends,
In April 2012, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This was not a surprise to me, since I lost my mother to the same disease when she was 51 years old. Luckily for me, my cancer was found at a very early stage, so my prognosis is excellent and I look forward to returning to my normal life that includes teaching, scuba diving, kayaking and bike riding.

Due to testing, more testing, surgery and treatment I missed a large number of work days without pay and have been unable to find summer work during my current radiation therapy. I am, at this time, out of work with no income until September. So not only do I need help with medical expenses, I also need help with living expenses. I haven't paid rent since May, I defaulted on my student loan, I have missed two car payments and have overdrawn my checking account several times to cover my car insurance, phone, food and gas.

Some of my family and friends have already helped me as much as they could, and I thank them from the bottom of my heart. I would not have gotten by until now without their help. I applied for a variety of charities, but have been turned down because they base their decisions on past income and determined that I "make too much money." Another charity would not help because I have medical insurance. Another charity designed to help cover living expenses during cancer treatment never responded to the application I sent in May.

I am lucky that I have medical insurance and that I have a job to return to in the fall. However, my insurance deductible is unaffordable for me, as well as the medical co-pay charges. I am behind on many bills and have no way of paying upcoming bills for July and August, and will not have income until September.

Everyone who knows me also knows that I'm a very independent person and I find it difficult to ask people for help. You also know that I would give help whenever I am able.

Please help me if you can, if not, send a note to say "hello" and forward my URL to anyone you feel would want to help. I'm sending this to all of my contacts so if you are one of the people who have already helped me, again, I thank you so very much.

Kathryn Heath
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