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Ali is suffering from hydrocephalus. She has had 6 surgeries and having a 7th next week. She hasn't been able to go to school since February. Her medical bills are well over $5000 and still coming in. My mom works 3 jobs and is barely able to make it

 Ali has a small benign tumor in one of the canals near her brain stem. This blocks flow of her spinal fluid through her brain. This causes her to have hydrocephalus, which is just too much pressure on her brain. Since she is a teenager, her skull isnt able to bulge. She has had excruciating headches for 2 years. She had her first surgery at Johns Hopkins in December of 2008. They did a third VC. This lasted for almost a year and she was back to having very bad headaches. We went back up to Hopkins again and have the procedure done again during Christmas. This time it held for only 6 weeks. Then she had a stent put in where they made the opening for the 3rd VC. This only worked for 2 weeks. At this time her doctor at Hopkins decided she needed to have a shunt put in but that she needed to have it done at home in Charlotte. She has her first shunt put in and was in the hospital for a whole week. The doctors had her wait for 8 weeks to see how her body would adjust. The shunt malfuntioned and she had to have emergency surgery to fix it. After the surgery her brain had been so compromised that she had short term memory loss for 3 days. 2 weeks later she was in the ER again in agonizing pain. She was on major pain medications and they had to do a 2nd shunt revision. Since then she has had headaches everyday. She has no quality of life. She can't go anywhere because it will put her in so much pain. She hasn't been in school since February and has to have a tutor cme to the house to do her school work. She used to do gymnastics and cheerleading and now she can't even take a shower without having a level 10 headache. She is now scheduled to have another surgery next week to put in a device to limit the amount of fluid that drains while she is standing. If this doesn't work there aren't very many more options. She will also need another surgery to remove the stent they put in because it is no longer anchored and could be moving around.

Why we needs your help: My parents are divorced and my father is supposed to be paying my mom child support and alimony and 80% of medical bills. He stopped paying her in January of 2009 and there is nothing we can do because he lives in another country. Currently he owes her around $50,000. She works 3 jobs. She is a preschool teacher, then she goes to babysit until 4 and then has to go to work at the Little Gym. She is barely able to buy groceries and pay the bills let alone pay for the thousands of dollars in medical bills. We can use any help we can get. $5 would be appreciated. All money donated will go to medical bills. 

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