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We need your help! An animal may be put down for protecting his loved one!!

Ventura County Animal Services (VCAS) is holding a hearing on September 4, 2015 to determine the fate of Shadow, a male pitbull, who is owned by a homeless man.  On April 22, 2015, Shadow watched as at least 3 Ventura police officers utilized physical measures to "control" his human brother during the course of an arrest.  Shadow did what many dogs would do: he went to his brother's aid.  It is alleged Shadow bit one of the police officers on the forearm.  Shadow was then shot by another police officer.
While there are laws governing animal bite hearings, they don't address many important issues and they are unclear (if not contradictory) in others.  Shadow's lawyer has been dealing with both Ventura City and Ventura County agencies trying to ensure Shadow gets a fair hearing.  That process is still ongoing and, because of the issues involved, we need your help raising awareness of the problems in the existing system.  Letters/emails/calls to local council members, the County Board of Supervisors, politicians, animal rights advocates, newspapers, etc. expressing concern would help get these issues noticed for Shadow at least and - hopefully - help in affecting change for the future.
Finally, substantial fees are being incurred in preparing Shadow's defense.  The City and County are requiring money up front to get documents, videos, etc. that can shed light on what really happened that night.  Fees are also required to be paid for each witness we require to attend the hearing.  Should Shadow be found to be a nuisance but not ordered to be put down, his boarding fees for the last 4 months will need to be paid as well.
Please consider speaking up for Shadow as well as all other animals who are the subject of animal nuisance hearings in Ventura County.  If you would like to know more about the issues involved, please visit

If you are able to contribute to our fundraiser for Shadow, please visit  We can also be reached at

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