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Jays Brain Trust

About Jay

Let me tell you about my brother Jay. He’s the go-to guy, the Renaissance man, the guy that can get things. If you need something, he’ll drop everything to help you out personally. And most of all he’s a generous person who gives to his family and friends as often as he can. As his brother, I know from experience how true this is.

People are more likely to notice the differences between him and I rather than the similarities. After all, I am the David Spade to his Chris Farley. Yeah, he’s a big lovable guy, but when it comes to sharing things between us, he always makes sure it’s split down the middle. Even though it’s his right as older brother and bigger guy to take the larger portion, he always makes sure things are equal, maybe even once in a while tipping the scale in my favor. This is what I think of when I think of my brother, Jason.

I also think about how he loves to talk. Jay was born with the gift of gab. He’s a natural storyteller who fills every family outing with jokes and anecdotes. But when the stroke hit he lost a lot of his ability to speak. He knows what he wants to say, but he has difficulty getting it out. The only thing that can help him now is surgery and speech therapy.

All my life I’ve wondered how I’d react when faced with a family crisis. I wondered if I’d leave it to someone else to take care of, or if I’d step up and try to prove that I’m worth a damn to the people that matter to me. So now I’m trying to do everything in my power to help Jay in his time of need by raising money to pay for his medical expenses. I hope his generous nature will be repaid with the help of those who are as generous and caring. I hope everyone will come together to make Jay better and give him a voice again.

Thank You,

Andy Traynor

About Moyamoya Disease

Moyamoya disease is a progressive disorder discovered in Japan in 1959 that affects the blood supply to the brain. Moyamoya is characterized by a progressive narrowing of the internal carotid arteries leading into the brain, and usually affecting both hemispheres. This is a very rare disease that affects 1 in every 2,000,000 people. The only cure for the disease is brain surgery which will bypass his cerebral blood vessel with a new one. This procedure is called a STA-MCA Bypass. The success rate of the surgery is 95%.

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