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A very affectionate and loving member of the family, "Bamma", only two years old, is a victim of animal cruelty.

I knew something was wrong the second I opened the door and my daughters and I weren't greeted by our affectionate and lively cat, Bamma.

After searching for an hour and finally finding him curled up, hiding in a corner and not acting like himself nor wanting any food or water, that feeling something just wasn't right grew even stronger.

So, while my 4 and 6 yr old daughters asked if Bamma was going to be okay along with several other questions, I got our things together quickly and grabbed the cat to make our way to the nearest and most reputable animal clinic, Three Chop Animal Clinic.

Nothing could have prepared me for what I learned just two hours and an expensive pet visit later.

Our poor innocent cat was shot with a pellet gun and has a bullet lodged in his abdomen/ intestine. Peritonitis has occurred and he needs surgery and time spent in the ICU in order to survive. Unfortunately, due to the compromising location of the gun shot wound and damage done, the animal clinic doesn't have the means necessary to care for for him and he was referred on to a particular board of surgeons. He will die without surgery from starvation.

The Dr. told me this and my 4 yr old cried. While it was emotional for us all, my eldest daughter (6) started recounting events from weeks prior and mentioned how the neighbor had been chasing Bamma with a baseball bat.

Its obvious animal cruelty has occurred here and it sickens me that there are people in this world that can harm defenseless animals.

Bamma is considered a member of our family and we would hate to lose him to animal cruelty. Therefore, any help would be greatly appreciated to go towards this operation that could save his life.

Thank you!

Lacy, Cali, Lila, & Bamma
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