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We are uniting to raise money to help with all aspects of the care and training of Bloodhounds for Search and Rescue.

Have you meet Abigail? Abigail is our 7 year old daughter who has a nuerological condition called Autism. Children with Autism have the tendency to wonder off and have no real concept of danger. Abigail has wondered off many times before. We strarted thinking about getting Abigail a service dog for Autism, and upon doing research and looking into Service dog programs we realize that we already own the perfect dog! Sure, she is not offically Service dog trained but she does know how to find Abigail if she runs off and she does comfort Abigail and distract her from unwanted behaviors. I started thinking about this and if I could train bloodhounds ( who by the way already have the "Search and Rescue" Instinct in them) to comfort Autistic children, to deter them from behaviors, to Search for them if they wonder off, and if I could help just one family then I've done what I've set out to do. Bloodhounds are the oldest of the scent hounds and the breed having the keenest sense of smell. That means the bloodhound is popular as a working dog in tracking a police suspect or in a search and rescue operation. The Bloodhound is a kind, patient, noble, mild-mannered and lovable dog. Gentle, affectionate and excellent with children. This is truly a good natured companion. These dogs are so good-natured that they will lie there and meekly let children clamber all over them. This breed loves all the attention they receive from them. This is all why I know Bloodhounds are the perfect dog to Train!! We are asking for donations to help us start training. We will be needing to purchase kennels, fencing, food, leaches, collars, vests, vet care, water bowls, food bowls, blankets, and anything else that comes up along the way in our venture!
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