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Hope for Florence is a fund that will help Florence who suffered from polio since childbirth to accomplish her dream of becoming an M.D.

Each person has his/her own dream. We all know of Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Barrack Obama. Each one of these individuals had to overcome great adversity in order to become who we know them to be. I have a friend whose life has had some adversity, yet is still working hard aspiring to her dreams.
May I introduce Florence Chinomso Anucha from Nigeria who has longed to be a medical doctor, however her parents are jobless and she has other siblings; these have delayed her dream. Her dream seemed impossible because her family only had enough for sustenance. A standard education throughout high school was what her parents could afford.
Despite her poor background, education has been very important
to her. She has encountered many adversities right from the beginning of her childhood.
 For instance, in her family every other person was born freely without any delivery problems, but in her case, her mother had a protracted delivery problem which led to a Caesarean operation. She grew up faster and more rapidly than others around her. She developed in a very progressive manner and at seven months of age, she began to walk and in her 9th month she could even run. At 10 months old, she fell sick. The doctor’s diagnosis was poliomyelitis, which affected her right leg. She is grateful to the doctors who handled her case because many people who have poliomyelitis are paralyzed or have died. Not only that, at the age of ten, her left leg was severely injured/burned when she fell carrying a bucket of hot water. Not even the doctors believed she would survive. Despite these trials, she still has the inspiration to continue with her dreams.
When she got admission to study in Shasta College Redding, CA, she wrote to her State government and she was offered a scholarship to study Biology in California. After a short period, her State Government stopped paying for her tuition. She was told there were no funds available. During her first semester at Shasta College she made very good grades, which placed her on the Dean’s list. She has worked hard every day in order to achieve high grades. As an international student, she is not allowed to work off campus and there were very few available on campus.
She graduated from Shasta College last semester and was transferred into California State University Los Angeles to study Biology, which will help her get into medical school. She has done all in her power to situate herself, preparing all that was necessary to start her studies at CSULA. The only thing she is lacking is funding.
Though she is not a counselor, her experience in life has afforded her a view that allows her to advise other students in various situations in life. Also, her background has instilled in her the burning desire to understand modern medicine, so that she may be of help to those in need of medical attention; especially in Nigeria. The use of her legs was almost lost because of some reason that could probably be explained by medical professional.
She has stated, living in the United States is a different experience for her. There are no family members around to help her with everyday tasks and needs. She said, “That, I suppose, is part of the price to pay for achieving my dreams”.
With personal dedication on her part, and help from an organization like yours, she would be able to attain that for which the journey of life has brought her to America. Her vision is to contribute to affordable health care in Nigeria and throughout the world.
Please help Florence Anucha achieve her dream by donating to her education fund.
Thank you for taking the time to consider her request.
Joanne B. Poore
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