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This is the place you can write why you are doing a birthday fundraiser or you can just delete this sentence and use our default write-up below for a fundraising birthday! Instead of asking for gifts this year, I've chosen to donate my birthday to charity.

Out of the many great charities out there I wanted to make sure these donations made a big difference so I chose to support deworming of children.

I chose deworming because:

Parasitic worms interfere with uptake of nutrients, and cause physical and mental impairments. They leave their victims tired, irritable, and unable to attend school.
Many expert charity evaluators think that this is a "best buy" in both health and education. Just 50 cents to change a child's life.
The evidence supporting this intervention is excellent, and includes many randomized control trials, so you can be sure that any money donated will be well spent.
In other words, it helps those in great need, is very cost effective and extremely evidence based. You can find out more via Charity Science's accessible summary.

Thanks for your support!
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