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The family and friends of Brandy Walker are uniting to raise money to aid her in her battle with triple negative breast cancer.

We need to raise $50,000 to help Brandy get back on her feet so she can happily live life with her two young daughters.
My sister is 36 years old and is fighting her battle against triple negative breast cancer. This form of cancer is extremely aggressive and the risk of relapse is much higher for the first 3-5 years.
For those of you who know Brandy, you are truly lucky. She is a strong and determined young woman who never settles for less than she’s worth. She is not only a wonderful single mother of two young daughters, a supportive sister, a best friend, and a hard worker—but also an inspiration.
Brandy’s journey started long before her breast cancer diagnosis. When most 17 year olds were worried about whom they were going with to Senior Prom, Brandy was pregnant with her first child. She found herself a young mother in an abusive relationship. 1 year later Brandy found herself pregnant again. After years of abuse and mental anguish, Brandy finally escaped the relationship and began her life with her daughters.
Brandy juggled several jobs, working day and night in order to put herself through school and to support her young daughters. While Brandy was working hard trying to stay afloat she missed most of the girls’ childhood milestones—first word, first steps, and school functions.
Through it all, my sister’s best friend Tony stayed by her side and eventually he proposed to her—making Brandy the happiest she had been in a long time. Finally things seemed to be right. Tony loved Brandy’s daughters like they were his own and Brandy finally had the family she had longed for.
Unfortunately, the dream was short-lived; in 2004 Tony suffered from a brain aneurysm, which nearly killed him. He had to relearn how to walk and talk. He spent every other day on dialysis and waited around until he could get a kidney transplant. Finally, there was a match but tragedy struck before he had the surgery. On June 15th, 2005 Tony was driving down Old Town Road on his way to the gym when fluid filled around his heart and lungs, causing him to pass out and crash his car. He was pronounced dead at the scene.
My sister and two young nieces were never the same after that, they were lost and distraught. The girls began to act out and even went as far as cutting themselves. Brandy would spend her days locked away from everyone and would just cry. She felt as if her world had been ripped away from her just when she thought her life was finally coming together. Her dogs were her only friends and even they weren’t well. To this day Brandy spends close to $470 a month on medicine for Jake, a doberman pinscher with a life threatening heart condition. She can’t bear to lose anymore loved ones.
Years later, Brandy and her two daughters are struggling, but are trying to stay positive. Everyone is trying to make a better future; the girls are trying to make a life for themselves by going to school and Brandy is doing okay at her job as an ultrasound technician. I really thought things were looking up until Brandy called me and said “Lacey don’t freak out, but I think I have breast cancer.” I was mortified, I didn’t know if Brandy could take much more. But surprisingly she was stronger than me—she spent her time comforting me and my family. Brandy was more concerned about helping me plan my upcoming wedding than about her cancer!
Brandy had been experiencing some burning in her left breast on and off for a few months prior. After her own self-evaluation and discovery of a mass, she decided to contact her doctors. On December 31, 2011 Brandy went for a mammogram and a sonogram. The doctors felt the need to do a biopsy right then and there. The doctors told her to come back on January 3rd and to be sure to bring someone. She knew that meant something was very wrong. Brandy returned on that day with our Dad. The doctors told her she had breast cancer.
On January 19th, Brandy had a bilateral mastectomy. After the procedure doctors informed Brandy that she had what they call “triple negative breast cancer.” This just happens to be a type of cancer that doctors aren’t sure what causes it and they only know it’s aggressive.
For the past seven months Brandy has been struggling to keep her family afloat. She has been unable to work while on chemotherapy and is now drowning in debt. She has overdue copays and medical bills. She has a large monthly mortgage payment for a house that she can’t live in because she doesn’t have the money to get it to a state that’s livable. She finds herself living in a small bedroom in her parent’s house with her two teenage daughters—not an ideal situation. She needs help and I need yours!
I want to help get my sister back on her feet with a smile. I can’t stand to see my sister and nieces suffer each day from things that are completely out of their control. It’s time to give Brandy a chance to live and love and to feel loved.
If you are not in a financial position to donate, please pass this along to any survivors or other empathetic givers you might know. We are truly grateful for your love and support.
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