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Your youth need your help! Our communites have been saturated with volience and unfavorable behavior.

A large portion of this behavior and volience stems from the lack of love of self, the lack of repect of elders and peers, and the lack of knowledge of self culture and history. We are an organization on a mission to reshape and restore the image of black women starting with our youth. Our organization of black women go into detention centers, group homes, and our communities and assist our girls in learning to love themselves, love their peers, and learn their history. This will be presented to the youth through self esteem building tools, fun activites, group sessions, and motivative speaking. We will also assist the youth and young adults with job applications, college applications, interview practice, and resume building. We are also teaching and promoting healthy living and exercise. We need your help! In order to make all of these things continue we need funding, resources, and supplies. Our current poject is building a garden to start planting in spring 2016. The garden will be used to teach the youth how to grow their own food, give them the a since of accomplishment, and to feed the surrounding community fresh food. Any cash or material donation will help in all of our efforts to reshape and restore our youth. All donatins will be greatly appreciated. We thank you in advance.
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