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Let's shower Jeanette with love and support as she overcomes Lung cancer!


I hope that you are all well, my giftfoward account had closed several months ago but we prayerfully decided to open it up again.

As you all know I had my surgery last year with stage 3 uterine cancer, with 4 horrible rounds of chemo which is what they call "The Red" every 28 days. (Please keep in mind this chemo was a preventative because my oncologist and staff stated to us that "ALL" the cancer was taken out at surgery.) Everytime I had the chemo, it took me at least 2-3 weeks to recovery, ailments from the chemo gave me cataracts, I am type 2 diabetic which did not help but was controlled. So due to the cataracts it was not easy to drive but I did at some point because I wanted to work and so I did on and off. I had a PET scan in October which showed a nodule in my left lung the size of a pin head. They did a biopsy in November of my left lung and the results came back in December that the nudule was benign. They did another PET scan on Febuary 9th to ensure it has not grown. I saw my oncologist on Febuary 10th and my oncologist told me that the nodule know a tumor has grown and it has mastesized to my right lung. I was in total disbelief, he and the NP were staring at me as I was staring at them, and they asked me "why do you look surprised"? and I replied...I dont believe this at all. So they continued to explain to me that it is cancer because this is how cancer spreads, so the treatments they highly recommend are as follows: chemo every 21 days until December, radiation and another lung biopsy of the right lung ASAP.

Well, I asked them "how can you recommend chemo for something that is benign? and he said...It is cancer because this is how cancer spreads, the purpose of the biopsy is to determine what type of cancer it is to treat. Well, that left me even more puzzled. I asked the oncologist, what if I dont do chemo? and he said quickly without any hesitation stated "you will die". He then came over to me rubbed my back and looked at me and said, we will try out best. He left the room and the NP stayed on with me and she asked if they can call someone for me and I said No, I can drive. I asked her what type of cancer do they think I have and she stated to me "Neuroendocrine Carcinoma". So I asked again, why the biopsy if you know? and she stated we need to be sure, you will be given on each chemo treatment 3 types of chemo, and we need to ensure that we are going to give you the right one for the type of cancer. I am still confused. She left the room for about 15 very long agonizing minutes, she then came in with the chemo meds written out that they would be giving me, again I am puzzled. I walked to my car and there was a lake there and I wanted to go swimming. Which is what I used to do years ago to relieve the stress, but of course I did not. I sat in my car which seemed hours. I went home and Chris and I just held eachother, he said to me "you are healed in the name of Jesus", there is no cancer there. I texted our Father Toups, I phoned Father Muhr that week or the same night cant remember. and I just fell apart that night. I new something was wrong because I have shortness of breath and I thought it was a cold or asthma, but not cancer. I am very weak, cant walk far without stopping to rest.

That evening was somber. I had to make a decision or was there a decision to be made? If I dont have the chemo I will die! Thats it! No nutritional advise no options (or is there) just chemo, radiation, and another lung surgery - because that is what it is very painful biopsy without anesthesia. I still feel the pain from the first biopsy, I cannot sleep on my left side at all the pain is like an electrical shock down my left leg and around my midsection.

Sorry this is lengthy but I have to explain.

I am working, but not to my fullest potential as I want to due to the shortness of breath its very difficult, I get tired very easily. Everything that I do I have to stop and rest, I can only show properties to maybe 1 client a day (if its a good day), because it is exhausting, maybe 2 if not to many properties to show on my list. But I am doing it and trying my best.

We decided to get the advice of a third doctor, the first oncologist was the one that did the surgery with the 4 rounds of chemo, the second oncologist was the one that did the first PET scan and Biopsy. So I looked up some of the best Oncology Centers in the United States and the closest to us was the Moffit Cancer Center in Tampa. Our Father Muhr lives in Tampa, so for me this was perfect since I longed to see him for so long, Chris sees him once in a while at the seminary, but I had not seen him in months only at a funeral for our Bishop but not like a real visit which I longed and at this time in my life I really wanted to spend time with him.

As we approached the Moffit Center I had hoped for such good news and this I will keep brief... the NP new more than the Doctor. According to the front desk clerk they had "ALL" my records, but, I had taken with me 4 CD's of the PET scans and the Biopsy. As we waited to see the doctor already past the waiting area and in the room the NP stated that according to the biopsy the diagnoses was inconclusive and I stated to her thats impossible because the oncologist called me 2 weeks before christmas and told me specifically NO CANCER! she repeated herself to me again, she said the spread of the noduls does state on the hard copy that it has mastesized. So then the Oncologist comes in the room, and she only explains that the 4 CD's that I supplied them with they could not open none of them, and that my cancer is a rare cancer that they have only seen on a few occasions and that I must follow the orders of my oncologist. I then turned to the nurse who seems to know more then the doctor and asked what can this chemo do for me, and she replied it MIGHT, MIGHT stabilize the cancer but its worth a try. I replied "so it wont kill the cancer cells"? she said after several rounds of chemo maybe 3-4 my oncologist then will order another PET scan to see if it worked and hopefully it will because nothing else can be done, since its stage 4 lung cancer because it mastesized. I then asked the doctor how long do I have and she said its not good. I asked for my CD's back and they said NO, they have to try to open them and evaluate what they see and will mail back to me, I never recieved them back.

So we came home and were so dissapointed beyond anything else, how could a billion dollar facility not be able to open up 4 CD's? unreal.

I was completely knumb, all the way home I felt as though I was in some old horror movie that did not stop, the only wonderful thing about going to Tampa was visiting Father Muhr that was worth the trip all together.

So I came home did some research and started on a venture to try to somehow heal myself, I had already in the interum read several books on Alternative Medicine. I came accross a book called "Curing Cancer with Carrots" by Ann Cameron-read the book, and on February 16 started to Juice 5 pounds of carrots a day, that is 5 glasses of extracted carrots a day. I went to wallmart and purchased a juicer for $34 it works for carrots, I am still juicing my carrots till this very day, and honestly my breathing for the most part has slightly improved that when I sit down the pain in my chest is not as severe as what it was. But I am still so weak. So I continued my research as to what to do, this was just a first step, I found out through a client/friend of mine that I need to go completed holistic she is the president for she gave me some of her holistic drinks as a gift, I purchased what I could.

When I sat down with her to have a consult she gave me some coconut kefir, I started to drink it while we were talking, she said it would help. I had not noticed but she did, that by the time I parked my car and walked to the pool area (maybe 20 feet away) I was just about out of breath since I was so used to it I did not notice but was excited to meet with her and get her info on treating me - but she did notice I was out of breath. She makes everything out of pure organics and she sells her items online and at most local health food stores...and she stated to me that one of her clients had cancer in the lymph nodes all over his body he then juiced for one month and was healed, they did a PET scan and could not find any cancer. This to me just confirmed that all these people (millions) I read about on ,,,, and Barrys Vitamins and Naturalistic remedies in Boca Raton, cannot all be lieing.

Oh, and when I walked back to my car the shortness of breath was almost gone, I had not felt that normal in months. She gave me a few to take home and I bought a few from her but shortly after ran out and my shortness of breath came back.

As I continued my research which took many days we decided chemo was not the answer, due to the fact that I would not be able to work during these chemo treatments which they wanted to carry out until December. So, I am trying to incorporate a whole new lifestyly change and just juice for several months. The cost is way out of my league as far as what I am needing, I am trying to work as much as possible but this illness has slowed me down a lot and this is why I am coming for help to all of you...its just this simple "I am fighting for my life". My insurance will not pay for a holistic MD, if I apply for disability that will take a minimum of 2 years which I dont have. Some of the best local centers around for me like are just way to expensive to attend to learn, what to eat and what not to eat. So its all on me.

We have been blessed with some gifts that has helped us to pay some bills this month (we still have to pay our rent in the next week and my car note) and help with some organic foods.

All I can eat is organic foods, fresh vegetables, plant based supplements, etc. I am asking for help because I am trying to beat this thing and I have to do it quickly, my next PET scan wont be until the end of May and there just has to be some improvement in my condition when its done. According to the and advice from several holistic professionals in my area that I have known I must incorporate 14 protocals a day, the following is what I am doing thus far...

1) 5 cups of extracted (5 pounds) carrot juice a day ($140 a month)

2) 1 oz of wheatgrass as day (I need 1/2 a cup a day) ($95-200 a month if I dont grow it myself which is my plan.

3) baking soda with mollases 2 times a day

4) supplements: Phellinus, Artemisinin, Vitamin D ($120 a month)

5) 1 16 oz green smoothie a day with Turmeric (it should be 2) since I am not eating meals. ($100 or so a week)

6) I have to drink spring water with 9.5 ph levels ($47 a month)

7) 2 cups of soursop tea the leaves (a friend supplies me with the leaves)

8) coconut Kefir ( discontinued until I can make it myself, to purchase its $10 from a day, and thats a discount price for me alone because she is a true friend) Making it myself is about $40 a week.

9) Kombucha (discontinued until I can make it myself, to purchase its $6.25 from a day, and thats a discount price for me)

10) Lemongrass tea 2 cups a day I grow myself

This is as far as I have gone, I want to incorporate along with this the budwig diet, because it has cured many lung cancer patients. I am trying to purchase the wheatgrass seeds, planters etc, so this will bring that cost down and I am trying to get the supplies needed for the Kefir and Kombucha. One of the things I need desperately is a omega masticating juicer(around $200-300 on amazon), the juicer I have wont do green leaf vegetables or wheatgrass. Maybe someone has one at home that they are not using and I can borrow for a few months. I found out the hard way when I placed the spinach in the juicer and the leaves went everywhere but down the little pipe. I presently am using the nutribullet for the green smoothie, but its full effect is masticated.

Cancer is a immune defiency disorder, its a fungus that through proper nutrition I believe can be reversed, we all have the cancer cells in us, but when the immune system is shot, cells turn to cancer so the purpose in this type of treatment is to kill the cancer cells and not the good cells. The side effects of the chemo they want to administer will kill me in several months, and they cant even guarantee that it will work.

I want to thank you for your time in reading all of this, that alone is a blessing. But with all of this I am asking for help, I am working but not to the fullest as I want to, any help is truly appreciated and we are grateful. I am creating a blog, which in the next several weeks I will email everyone that website with videos on my progress, we are going out with faith that this will work, we believe that Christ died for our transgressions and he bared his strips so we can be healed, we all can be healed our bodies were created in such a beautiful way, and God has given us what we need to survive with the plants and trees he has given us.

(And the whole multitude sought to touch him: for there went virtue out of him, and healed them all. Luke 6:10)

The main purpose for the blog is a testimony to help others. I have done so much research, I have it all bottled up inside of me and I want to help others, that is my mission to help others and to try to aquire Gods healing process for me as testimony for others. I cannot just sit here and wait to die, I have to fight and do what I need to do to get healthy, but honestly without all of you it will difficult.

Please look out for my videos and blog on my journey, I know there are others out there that when they get diagnosed they have no clue as to what to do and the fear they impose on us is so bad that we freeze up in dispair of the unknown. But there is another way, and its Gods way. I am sure that chemo has worked for some, but honestly the statistis is stagering, on chemo its a 2.3% chance on survival, on the Alternative Medicine side its 90%. So 98.7% of patients die of chemo / radiation. You always hear of the patients that do chemo, radiation - then they are cleared - then months later is comes back somewhere else, and the cycle continues. With Alternative Medicine from the start the immune system is built up to fight, and this is what I want to do for at least a few months until my next PET scan I want to give it my all to stay alive and be a part of the 90%.

If anyone is offended by this giveforward please forgive me, I dont mean to upset anyone and I know that God provides what we all need, blessings to all of you. And thank you in advance for any help, Chris and I love you.

[And on the banks of the river on both its sides, there shall grow all kinds of trees for food; their leaf shall not fade nor shall their fruit fail [to meet the demand]. Each tree shall bring forth new fruit every month, [these supernatural qualities being] because their waters came from out of the sanctuary. And their fruit shall be for food and their leaves for healing. Ezekiel 47:12 AMP]



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