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Ella is a 4 year old Cavalier that is was diagnosed with Syringomyelia. She gave me hope back to my life & as a therapy dog, I saw her make eyes shine. I had no option but to return the favor and give her a longer life because she is my angel.

If you knew Ella and her story you would know why I had to do all of this for her.  When I got Ella I was suffering from an extreme depression and I thought there was no hope in my life.  Once I saw her immediately it was like the black cloud or dullness was lifted and my heart was immediately filled with joy.  I truly believe she saved my life.  Ella gave me life so to not give her an opportunity to have more life was not an option.  She spoke to me when I held her in my arms and immediately my world changed. I think that is what happened to all the other people she has touched as a therapy dog.  She would go to nursing homes and people who could not talk, I could see their eyes shine with love.  It was an amazing thing.  Now that she is sick she can not visit the ones she touched, but they still have pictures of her to remember. 

When I heard the news that Ella had a severe case of Syringomyelia I was crushed. In order to diagnose Syringomyelia she had to get an MRI which I thought was covered under her Pet Insurance. The claim was denied and $1700 later, I was grieving over the potiential loss of Ella and I did not want to think of my financial problems all that mattered was her and still does. Ella had saved my life and there was no doubt I needed to save hers. The only option I felt could possible prolong her life was surgery which is extremely expensive. I thought if I had to get a second job, sell my tiny condo, change my lifestyle, sell cookies  whatever it took I would. I got a Care Credit card but even with that I am having trouble keeping up with her medication and I am still having much debt.

I have to give her the medication and I see her starting to get sick again.  However she is much better!! Her surgery was over six months ago and her neurologist said without surgery she may only have three months to live.  I take each day with her as a gift from God.  Since what she has done for me was a gift, I believe she has that quality about her. 

Please visit Ella's blog at to read more about her progress and also about Syringomyelia and what she and others are going through.  Thank you so much!

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