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The friends and family of Beth Buckland are working together to raise money for the repair of Beth's severely damaged teeth.

In her youth, Beth Buckland suffered severe damage to several of her teeth, causing her to require reconstruction and extensive dental work to repair the damage. Unfortunately, this dental work was not competently done and over the years the damage has multiplied and compounded, turning into decaying mouth tissues and degenerated nerves, partnered with repeated infections. Now, she faces the loss of several of her front teeth unless she receives expensive treatments including bone grafts, root canals, crowns and dental implants.

All of the required dental work also requires a CT Scan and ten to fifteen separate appointments to get things done. Her insurance won't cover the costs, and all of the repair work must come out of pocket. This is an insurmountable expense right now, though, as she must also continue to treat her fibromyalgia and make house payments. As you can imagine, this has become daunting and terrifying.

We are trying to raise the full amount of what the dentist estimates the procedures and scans will cost, so that Beth's worries can be alleviated and she can focus on getting better. Every little bit will help ease that stress, even if you can only give good wishes and virtual support.

Bless you for taking time to read and help.

Jeni Bowers, and Beth's family and other friends

UPDATE 4/19/2012: Beth wanted me to share the following message of thanks with everyone, espeically in light of how much AMAZING support we've gotten in the last 48 hours.

from Beth:

I'm so overwhelmed with the depth of y'all's compassion and caring and generosity and everything. I don't know what to say. I can never thank y'all enough. A few days ago I was in the depths of the abyss, and now I'm being lit by the glimmer of hope that all y'all have provided, whether it be with participating in the Give Forward donation or donating drawings or stories or talents to help the fundraiser move forward to leaving supportive comments and boosting the signal. I don't think I can ever express how much this means to me. For someone who has seen the very worst humanity has to offer, it's difficult for me to believe sometimes how many wonderful, warm, caring people there are in the world, but y'all are it. I'm amazed. I'm touched. I thank you ALL from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you all. So very much.

Update 5/3/2012:

Beth has been in for two more appointments so far, having a root canal finished up and having some tests done to determine what can be fixed without implants. Her dentist has discovered a cavity in addition to everything else that was known to be damaged, but that's an easy fix and can wait for the bulk of the damage to be fixed before seeing repair. This adds a tiny fee to everything else, but isn't bad overall.

Beth's dentist is VERY optimistic about the repairs, and is certain all the damage will be fixed. Unfortunately, the repairs could now take as long as a year to complete, as the damage is extensive. The next step is the CT Scan, scheduled for June 1, to determine exactly how extensive everything is and if more than one implant will be needed. I wish it wasn't so far out, but CT Scanners are high demand equipment and schedules to use them fill up quickly.

As for this fundraiser, the amount of assistance we've received has been wonderful! As of this writing, we're at 15% of our goal--almost $1000! It doesn't seem like much when compared to the $6500 we need, but it is a HUGE amount of money to have raised in a relatively short amount of time. Thank you all so much for your kindness, caring and generosity! Without all of you, there would be no hope for having all this dental work completed without Beth losing her home.

Bless you all!
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