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Help us help Juno

Juno is our 3 year old White German Shepherd. Approximately eleven months ago, Juno started going lame in her right hind leg. She always recovered in a day or so, and the lameness was only apparent after she had been playing or sleeping for some time.

I decided to give her a couple months to see if the injury would heal on its own with no luck. After about 8 weeks of limping, I decided to take her to the vet for a proper diagnosis. The vet took several x-rays and diagnosed a cruciate rupture of the ligament in her back right knee. She prescribed anti-inflammatory medication (Deramaxx) along with pain medication and an injection (Metacam) once a week .

We were given the expectation that with conservative therapy and continuing the anti inflammatory medications with limited activity, we would have a happy healthy pet in no time. This went on for about 8 months until before we knew it, we had maxed out the CareCredit card we had opened to get her the veterinary care she needed.

Juno was still limping and not able to walk on her back right leg. It had gotten so bad I was having to carry her if she had used it to much that day because she was in so much pain.

With no where else to turn, I decided to try another vet to get a second opinion. The new vet also diagnosed her with a cruciate rupture of the knee, and also a partial tear in her rear left knee. The feeling of despair after receiving this new was unbelievable since a rupture in her left knee would leave her immobile.

The vet advised us that without immediate surgery her left knee would likely rupture leaving her immobile. If this happened we would be faced with the decision on whether to get her a wheelchair or put her to sleep.

Juno has been a member of the family since she was six weeks old and the thought of having to put her to sleep is absolutely heart wrenching. We have already applied for several pet financial assistance programs such as, but the waiting list for financial assistance is unbelievable.

Please help us get Juno the surgery she needs so she can go on the live a happy, long and healthy life.
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