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Skin cancer, no insurance currently, no money either. The dr's office has called me many times to get me to set an appointment..

A mole on my forehead started changing quite rapidly & in unusual ways (and we're only talking about 1 so far, others need checking out). Mom and dad have helped me as much as they can; we had it removed & biopsied. Pathologist & Dr. are baffled, but say it cannot be good & want to take more of it out for hundreds of dollars more than I will ever have at this time in my life. As I said earlier, my parents helped last time, but neither of them is in any shape financially or health wise. Both in their 60's, mom is 2 time cancer survivor (lung, colon), dad is also a survivor(ocular melanoma); let's not forget his siblings Uncle Johnny who died of Melanoma/lung cancer {very aggressive}, as did Aunt Joni (lung), also Grandma on mom's side had melanoma. I am going to turn 35 years old in June, have been battling PTSD/depression/anxiety for the last 2+ years, and have pets that need me. Besides my own pets (each with their own unique needs), I work for an animal hospital, am in college for Vet Tech degree. I am a Vegetarian - almost Vegan, am a huge animal activist & have been for most of my life. I write poetry & was looking forward to writing my book/getting it published, as well as starting my animal rescue/sanctuary.
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