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This fundraiser is to help raise money for a 15 year old diagnosed with Leukemia, it will help with any expenses they may have, god bless!

Jeremy Coast was recently diagnosed with AML Leukemia in September of 2012. AML is a type of blood cancer that spreads quickly through the bloodstream. It all starts from one cell being too immature to perform its every day job, which is fighting off disease and viruses. The immature cell which comes from the bone marrow, will continue to multiply until it is stopped. Every new immature blood cell made will continue to weaken his blood system until there is hardly one left. He has recently started his chemo treatments as well! After chemo he will stay in the hospital for about a month, then after that will be allowed to return home for 3 to 10 days, all to have to go back to the hospital after that 10 days is up to start over again.

Jeremy is loved by many people and is just your average teenager! Jeremy lives in Pennsylvania and has an older sister and some younger sisters. He loves riding dirt bikes, and that happened to be thing he asked for, for his Make A Wish. He's very outgoing and would anything for anybody if he had to! We know this strong young man is tough enough to fight through this horrible disease! He's an awesome kid that got thrown one of those unexplainable curve balls in life, but stong people like Jeremy can throw them right back!!

I am a family friend of the Coasts and want to help them as much as possible! Cancer is an expensive treatment no matter who you are, and anything I can do to help them would be amazing! Even if everyone donated a dollar, that dollar helps! I know the Coasts will be FLOORED if we can help them raise some money for their son! I don't want to have to see any child go through this, let alone a friends child! I know together we can help out this family! So please help us raise some money for a young man fighting for his life!!

There are many ways to help! If you can donate that would be awesome! If you know anyone with Leukemia, especially a child, you could offer friendship, if you own a business you could offer services, or donations for our Chinese Auction! I know in my heart there are a lot of wonderful people out there, and you just need to remember, a little bit of love goes a long way!!

Thank you all and god bless you!!!


Jeremy has this site, a Facebook Funds Support Site, and a Twitter. Local business have been stepping up around my area to help me think of ways to raise this courageous young man some donations!!!!

Here is a link where you can send Jeremy a card at the hospital, its free, all you have to do is pick a style, write a message, and the hospital prints it out and takes it to Jeremy!!!

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