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Hearing 4 Harper will assist with medical expenses due to Harpers congenital malformations.

Friends and Family,

Most of you know that Rebecca and I had been looking into having a child for several years. It finally happened! Harper came into the world April 8th and we are so thankful she is here!

Harper was born with a few challenges but we are excited just to have her here and will battle through regardless. She has a few congenital malformations which will require several surgeries. However, the most pressing thing is the need for a hearing device called a Baha processor. Microtia and atresia are congenital malformations which means she was born with an underdeveloped outer ear and without a middle ear or ear canal. The good news is that her inner earwill work fine with a hearing device. The Baha processor allows her to hear out of the ear through bone conduction rather than through air conduction. With the aid of the Baha, she will have the ability for almost perfect hearing in both ears. This is crucial to her learning development. Once she is six or seven, she can have reconstructive surgery on her right ear to make it look somewhat normal.

The other malformation she was born with is called hemivertebra. This simply means that she has vertebra in her spine that only partially developed. Surgery will be required to fuse the vertebra together to prevent scoliosis and other complications.

She'll need more surgeries before she is six than many will need in a lifetime. This experience has humbled me tremendously. Being blessed with Hayden and Sydney and their good health has been more of a blessing than I realized. To have Harper is a blessing just the same, only with a deeper understanding of what it means to be blessed!

Many of you have expressed your wishes to help Harper with her needs. The cost of the Baha processor is over $4500.00 and is not covered by insurance. She will need several surgeries in the next 6-8 years. Some will be cosmetic so she can look like the rest of the girls and some will be just to stand up straight and alleviate future back pain.

Again, we are truly humbled by your generous offers and hope to someday be able to give forward just the same.
Life is good!

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