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The Journey to Parenthood with Bryan and Andrea Missler

Greeting to all of our dearest family and friends:

I hope that this finds you doing well. I would like to take the opportunity to share a story that will hopefully touch your hearts as much as it has touched mine in such a personal way. My prayer is that especially those of you who have kids will truly embrace this story and be empowered to help that dream come true for someone else.

I am in the process right now of assisting my dearest friend Andrea and her husband Bryan to make a dream of a lifetime come true. God has decided that He wants me to be a surrogate for them so that they can have a baby of their very own. I am very excited to be a part of this process and help them bring a little miracle into this world.

Let me take this opportunity to share this amazing and heart wrenching story:

Bryan and Andrea have been married for 13 years and have always wanted nothing more than to start a family. Unfortunately they have experienced nothing but failure, defeat and heartache but we all know that God is bigger.

After the first three years of marriage and no success of pregnancy due to many things, mainly three slipped discs in Andrea’s back and PCOS they decided that they were going to adopt through Children’s services foster to adopt program. They were so excited and have always believed that they were meant to raise a soul and this was it. In December of 2004 they started the process to adopt and then just a few months later in March of 2005 were certified and on the same day got the phone call they thought was going to make their dreams come true. They got to bring home a newborn baby from the hospital, name him, and take care of him. He was the miracle that they had been waiting for. All of a sudden when things were going great just 3 short months later they were contacted and told that the child’s father wanted him back. This was devastating and all they could think about was how they had always been told and guaranteed that this baby was theirs and nothing was going to change that. They didn’t just raise this child for a couple months, they raised him for 11 ½ months and then the system failed them and the child went to live with his father. It was like the world came crashing down on them and now they had to start all over.

After this, it gave them such a feeling of hopelessness and heartache that they didn’t know what they would be able to next. After a long time of waiting and praying and seeking the favor of God, they decided that they would try infertility treatments. This was a sure way to help them start their family that they always wanted. In 2006 Bryan and Andrea started infertility and continued it for at least 6 months with no success. Then, Bryan got laid off and was out of work for 18 months so this seemed like it was impossible.
Finally in 2009, Bryan got a new job that offered medical insurance that covered infertility. After everything else, this was sure to be the answer and they wanted to act on it right away. Bryan and Andrea tried infertility again for another 6 months with no success again.

As Andrea has always said, she was meant to raise a soul and it will happen someday. She absolutely loves kids and has the biggest heart I have ever seen. I had been praying for a whole year from 2011-2012 about helping in any way that I could. The Lord revealed to me that I could be a surrogate for Bryan and Andrea. I am healthy and have healthy children so what more could I do then help them have one of their own. When I offered this option to Andrea she embraced it and was touched. This could be the last possible way to make this happen.

The process has been started to go through the IVF process and then the embryo transfer for me to carry Bryan and Andrea’s child for them as a gestational surrogate. As many of you know this is a very costly experience but one that is truly priceless in the end. This process could be up to $30,000 or more. I am creating this story to help in fundraising to help this dream come true.

If you would prayerfully consider this story and how it has touched you I think that together we can make Bryan and Andrea’s dream come true. Thank you for your time in reading this story and for any donations that you can make. No donation is too big or small and they are so greatly appreciated. You will in turn be blessed for being a blessing to others.

If you would rather give directly and not through the website please contact me at and I will provide you with information on sending donations.


Lastly, if this story has inspired you in any way please share with others who may also be inspired.
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