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Family & friends are uniting to assist in her fight against lymphoma. Donations will pay for medical & related expenses.

Did you know that in the United States there are currently more than a half million people living with, or in remission from, lymphoma? Together we unite to give people hope & strenght to win in their fight against cancer!

Here is Tae's story.....

Those that know me might say that I am the "free spirit" or "the one that follows her heart, likes to have fun and lives life to the fullest" I have a strong work ethic, a constant need to learn and a love for music, dancing, and art. I was recently diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma, a type of blood cancer that is directly linked to the immune system.  I am only 24 and my family does not have a history of cancer so my diagnosis came as a huge shock. 

The first questions I usually get are "how did you find out?" or "how did you know to go in? I always respond....."My body told me."

It all began when I started experiencing strange symptoms and I had taken notice to a few abnormally large knots in my neck, they weren't painful, just strange. Naturally, I thought it was nothing but my Mom insisted I go see my doctor. I went in for a visit, thinking it would be something minor. The doctor, as usual, asked familiar questions but gave no indication that there was anything out of the ordinary. After finishing what seemed to be a normal exam he handed me a form which ordered for me to have blood test done for "lymphoma" and told me to look into get a good medical insurance because I "was going to need it". I went to have the blood test done the same day. Immediatly after I went home and began researching lymphoma and the signs and symptoms of it. As I conducted my research I found that not only was I experiencing symptoms of lymphoma but I had EVERY single symptom of lymphoma listed. Suddenly, everything that I had been experiencing over the past few months began to make sense, the reasons why I was feeling so drained became apparent......

I tried avoiding it and put off going in for my biopsy, partly because I didn't want the confirmation and partly because I was terrified of what the biopsy would bring. I was scared and in full blown denial.When I finally got  up enough nerve to face the truth, I went in for the biopsy with the highest hopes I could have. A week later I went back to see my doctor and he confirmed that the test came back positive for cancer and that I had Hodgkin's Lymphoma. He told me I needed to begin chemotherapy treatments as soon as possible. Time seemed to stop. Really? Did this just happen? I began questioning everything. What did I do for this to happen? But soon found out that there is no known cause for lymphoma. Thankfully we caught it early enough to be treated and the chances of it going into remission after chemotherapy are very high.

My diagnosis was really hard for me to accept at first and for the most part I have been closed off about all of the things I've been dealing with lately. The doctor visits, the test, the hospital stays and chemo. I was afraid that people would look at me differently, judge or assume and I didn't want to be seen as a victim. For me, asking for help from people outside of my close circle has been difficult but there is no way that I would ever be able to do all of this on my own and I've realized that as humans we unite through stuggles, even if the stuggle is not our own.

Thus far, treatments have gone suprisingly well with minimal pain or sickness and thanks to the Neulasta shot, treatments are back on track. With a few lifestyle changes, chemo has not been a nightmare for me and on my off weeks, I have been able to feel some what normal. All of my strange symptoms have gone away and that is a relief because I know that the treatments are working, and even though some days are a bit harder than others, it is all worth it. I want to bring light to the fact that not everyone that comes in contact with cancer becomes extremly ill or sickly. There are some cases, like mine, where with a few lifestyle changes, patients can continue to conduct their lives in a similar fashion, just with limitations. It is true however that all cancer patients have to go through the same types of treatments, the emotional rollercoaster and most of the common side effects that come with treatment prove to stay true to what is expected by doctors.

I know that I will come out of this healthy and even stronger than before and I am looking forward to that. I've found that being optimistic is really the best way to be and I know I will get through it. I am thankful for my family and friends, they are my support system. I see myself after all of this healthy, happy and back on my path to finishing my degree. I hope, if anything, I can share my story and help others that are fighting cancer not only the disease but all of the emotional aspects that come with it. We are never given more than we can handle, there is strength in hope and there is always a way to overcome obsticles that seem unbearable. I trust my struggle and have faith that all of this has happend to me for a reason, I may not know that reason right now but someday I will and I promise I will do good with it. I am fighting for a healthy life and I will win. 

With love always. -Tae


Thank you for taking the time to read her story. We appreciate any & all donations.

Funds will be used to pay for medical and treatment expenses.

If you would like to contact Natae or her family please email

Thank you for your support.


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