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Help Send Me on a Mission Trip to See My Sponsor Child!

After watching an inspiring youtube video, I wanted to do better. The video was just a regular person who does musical covers. He made video about his experience with He has been the sponsor of a child for 3+ years. After much anticipation, he was able to go on a mission trip and visit the child he supported all those years. It was very touching that he was able to have a type of bond with someone from so far away. And then to be able actually see what you have worked so hard to support from so far away. I think that was what made the video. During and at the end of the video he encourages you to support a child in need. And after seeing what all he has gone through and how close he and his “child” had become, practically family, I wanted that same relationship. And I wanted the satisfaction of helping a child in need grow and become something great.
So my goal is to raise $3000.00, which to many seems like a lot. But with that I want to travel on a group mission trip to visit Adriana. She is my sponsor child who is 3 years old. That one youtube video made me decide to help this child. And without hesitation I chose her. (Though if I could help all of them, I would.)
I am someone who works hard at a local dept. store. And I've been wanting to do better in the world lately. So why not now?
The mission trip to visit Adriana will consist of a week in Mexico City. And because I will be on a group mission trip, I will get to see her for two full days. The rest of my week will be spent helping the local community centers, most religion based. I will spend time with countless children, reading, maybe coloring, and most importantly seeing what their world is like.
It costs roughly $2,000 for the mission trip, and that doesn't include airfare.
I am asking if you were considering to donate to something lately, that it be this. I wanted to sponsor a child, not only to help better their lives, but to better mine. I felt being 19, this would be my new responsibility. I promised Adriana that I would help her family and I will stick to that promise. And this mission trip would make all the difference. While I'm there visiting, I'd get to play, laugh, take lots of photos, pray, and share stories. And I feel like seeing her in person and seeing how my contibution helps her, would help me too.
So if you are inspired like I was, please donate to this cause. I appreciate you taking the time to read this. And if you pray, prayers are always nice. Thank you again!
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