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Abby and Lucky are two hound mix rescue pups both recently diagnosed with cancer. This fund has been established to help with medical bills.

This summer we found out we have not one but two dogs with cancer. Both our girls are hound mixes and rescues, approximately 7.5 years old. It started when our Abby was taken into the vet to have an abcessed tooth fixed. Instead of an abcessed tooth the vet found a large mass that turned out to be multilobular osteosarcoma (bone cancer). The tumor was attached to her upper left jaw. After meeting with an oncologist who suggested surgery wasn't really feasible because they didn't feel it was possible to get all the cancer, we felt the best we could do was palliative radiation and chemotherapy, to ease her suffering and hopefully extend her life by a few months. Abby had two treatments of radiation and chemo, and didn't seem to be responding. Just when we were about to give up we met a doctor from Colorado State University who believed it was possible to get all the cancer, while also allowing Abby to return to a normal quality of life post surgery. Though Colorado is 1600 miles away we took a leap of faith and took Abby to Colorado. Just two weeks ago she had the surgery. They removed most of her upper left jaw and while we are still waiting for pathology reports to confirm this, they are almost certain that they were able to remove the tumor with margins. Given the nature of the surgery, recovery was expected to be tricky and take awhile, however, the surgeons expect her to make a full recovery and return to life as normal afterwards. Two weeks later she is doing well, aside from not being able to keep her stitches in her mouth. She has had to see a specialist twice to be restitched and recently got a tissue graft placed over the stitches. The surgoen however, is fearful that due to the damage done to the tissue by radiation, that we will have to have an expensive revision surgery even still.

While all this was going on, we found a lump on our other dog, Lucky. Shaken by everything going on with Abby, we immediately sent Lucky to our local vet to have the mass removed and found out it was Mast Cell cancer. While they weren't able to get completely clear margins with her, we decided after a consult with NC State to wait and see, and pray the tumor didn't return, and that no new spots popped up. We are constantly checking her for new lumps and found two new ones recently which need to be removed to be checked. However, our resources are dwindling and we aren't exactly sure we can afford yet another vet bill.

Not everyone understands this, but to us our dogs are our children. Going through this we've spent thousands between the two dogs. Between consultations, CTs, radiation, chemo, surgeries, travel, medicene, supplements, and homecooked food, we have quickly exhausted the limited financial resources we have. We are worried about how we are going to pay to pay for future medical expenses We have created this account in hopes that there are people out there who can find it in their hearts to help us, Abby & Lucky. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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