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Hello, I am fundraising for my Children's well being and the ability to take care of them without Government assistance.

Hello, my name is Brian Fleming. My wife of 7 and half years passed away on Aug. 7 2012. She had a very short fight with cancer of only 4 months. We got our diagnosis on April 9th at our OB doctor's appointment. My wife was 26 weeks pregnant at the time. My wife started to get sick in Feb. of this year and we thought it was just a cold, that ended up lasting till march when I had to admit her to the hospital. They did a biopsy at the time but in now way were we prepared for the results on April 9th. My wife spent 90 out of her last 120 days in the hospital and had a very rough last 4 month of her life. I hope and pray on one ever has to go through what she and I had too as it is the most painful thing I have ever gone through in my life. I am setting up this fundraiser to help with paying my in-laws back funeral expenses, and Medical bills that are still unpaid. I also am fundraising to help with my 3 children. Danny is 7 years old, Sophie is 5 years old and our newborn Nikolas is just 7 months. As many new parents know that formula and Diapers are very expensive. Me and Laura lived paycheck to paycheck before her passing and now this has become even more challenging. My family and friends have help out as much as they could and now I am asking people who don't know me to help survive. My wife never worked and therefore I can't collect on any social security for me or for the children like if I had passed away. Right now I have no government assistance as I don't qualify for any. They tell me I make around a thousand dollars a year too much to qualify for WIC and also food stamps. I pray for any assistance anyone can give from money to diapers to formula would be greatly appreciated. My email address is if anyone wants to send anything you can send me an email and I can give you my address. I feel a little uncomfortable about asking for help but I feel I need to and anyone out there that can feel compassion for my situation please help and any, and I mean any help is greatly appreciated, even if it is just a kind word. Thank you so much for reading just a little about my current life.
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