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I will try to keep this short and sweet so as to not take up any more of your valuable time. I can honestly say that I am grateful that you showed interest in my little request of a blog. My name is Raquel, I have a daughter who will be 5 in February. I have studied veterinary medicine at Mt. San Antonio College and have trained and worked as a veterinary technician. However, ,throughout the years I have found that my occupation as a dining server and bartender has been what kept the bills paid. Last summer our family attempted to relocate to Wisconsin to experience the slower pace, lower cost of living, and presumably better environment to raise my daughter. Unfortunately, our hearts missed our home and family in California, along with a continual string of events that eventually brought us back home to sunny southern California. When I left, just a brief 8 month period before, I was employed at two separate jobs. Since our return I have found it extremely difficult to find work, enough so that I have even branched out to fields I have not yet experienced, such as retail. I am pleased to tell you that as of yesterday I was hired on as a seasonal employee at a children's clothing store. This evening I also have an interview with a new restaurant that will be opening soon, so things are looking up. Yet, there are some concerns that I have in regards to being able take advantage of these new opportunities. I won't begin my new job until Friday, after which my first paycheck will not be distributed until December 3rd, 2010. Leaving me without nay means to purchase fuel for my vehicle in order to get to my new job and other interviews that I am eager to attend. There is also the issue of at least a comfortable pair of casual dress shoes which are appropriate for my position as a sales clerk. Upon a friend's suggestion I thought I would try my luck with a blog that might possibly attract the eye of a few generous people who are in a position to donate a few dollars to aid me on this last leg of the journey of "getting back on my feet". I just feel that I am so close to being able to provide for myself and child and it is completely frustrating to have to worry about whether or not I can make it there. This blog will only be up for the first two weeks of my new employment in an effort to simply gain a helping hand when I need it most. I can honestly say that for those who graciously donate to my cause, you can rest assured that as a huge believer in karma I fully intend to pay it forward as soon as I have the means to do so. Thank you for your time, consideration, and hopefully your donation.
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