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100% of the proceeds of this fundraiser will be used to offset the medical expenses that we face as Holly fights Chronic Lyme Disease.

in 2007 at the age of 11 Holly began to tell us she had horrible lower back and leg pain. It was so bad she did not want to walk. As this continued, she also developed severe joint pain and muscle aches as well as fatigue. Her pediatrician did a series of tests and everything came back normal with the exception of her blood testing ANA positive. This meant Holly's body was fighting something, but what??

She was referred to a rheumatologist and was tested for leukemia, lupus, multiple sclerosis and several others. Everything came back negative with the exception of her RA Factor and ANA factor. Those were both still positive. The rheumatologist diagnosed Holly with rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. She was given anti-inflammatory medicines and was told to follow up in three months. When we went back in early 2008, Holly was feeling worse and she had a variety of new symptoms including headaches, weakness and tingling in her legs, twitching, memory loss, sleep loss, severe chest pains, stabbing pain in her ribs, unexplained fever, etc...Again, more tests, more meds and no answers. This course of seeing doctors and getting no answers continued for several years until 2011.

A friend of ours was diagnosed with Lyme Disease during the summer of 2011. Right after our friend's diagnosis, Holly's granddaddy read a newspaper article about Lyme Disease and how it is called "The Great Imitator". One of the things Lyme imitates is rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. Lyme Disease has dozens and dozens of symptoms and we were blown away at how many dozens of those symptoms fit Holly's symptoms. In September 2011 we found a Lyme Disease Literate Doctor in Mississippi and took Holly to see him. After 4 1/2 years of seeing doctors and not getting answers, Holly was finally diagnosed with Lyme Disease!

Unfortunately because Holly went undiagnosed for so many years her disease is now chronic. Late Stage Chronic Lyme Disease will take many many years of strong antibiotic treatments and supplements for Holly to begin to feel better. The CDC does not like Chronic Lyme Disease and doctors who are not Lyme Literate do not understand it. The CDC treatment guidelines limit insurance companies and their coverage. So a lot of Holly's medicines are not covered by insurance and of course none of the supplements that she needs to keep her body healthy and to offset the effects of the antibiotics are covered by insurance. Holly takes over 45 pills each day.

It is hard for Holly to drag her aching body out of bed. When she steps onto the floor every morning and the pain shoots through her muscles and bones she cries. Every day is a struggle. But then she remembers Jesus has her in His palm no matter what. Nothing is too big for Him. He breathed her into life. When she is lost and confused and wondering why she has to live with such intense physical pain every day, She reminds herself that God is already there. Her verse is Zephaniah 3:17.

The purpose of this fund raiser is to raise money for a living trust fund to help Holly as she fights Chronic Lyme Disease. The tests are very costly, the medicines are very costly and we have to travel outside of Memphis to her Lyme doctor. Holly faces a very long and tough battle of recovery! However, she is not facing this alone as her family will be with her through her journey. Please join us in her recovery by giving to Holly's medical needs. We sincerely appreciate any financial help we receive for Holly. But even more, we appreciate and covet your prayers as we lift our sweet Holly to the Lord. She should be a happy go lucky 16 year old girl full of life. But instead Lyme Disease is taking her life away. Holly sometimes feels alone and abandoned. It's hard to see the big picture when you are hurting. We have to remind her how much she is loved. God has a purpose for her that we cannot yet see. We have to trust and have Hope For Holly's Healing!

6/12/12 - A quick update - Holly received a PICC line yesterday so that she can receive home infusion therapy. Tomorrow she will begin receiving IV antibiotics everyday for 4 weeks.

You can also visit her CaringBridge site for updates and leave her messages in her guestbook :-).
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