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I Judy Sepeda am trying to raise money to get my son Juan a handicapped van. Please show your support!!!

Hi my name is Judy Sepeda and I have a son that is 7 years old that was born with cerebral palsy and later on developed scoliosis. His name is Juan and was born prematurely. He was almost 2 months early. He had a grade 3 brain bleed when he was. The doctors don't know how much of his brain was affected. When he was born he had tubes in his mouth to eat, and a tube in his nose to breath. He was kept in an incubator to keep warm for about a month. He had to stay in the hospital for 45 days till I got to bring him home. He was finally diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the age of 3 but the Dr. had told me has was born with cerebral palsy. I knew he was behind because he never crawled and still today he can’t crawl like a baby can. He has to commando crawl where he wants to go. He goes to therapy at school and to Kids Therapeze. I was told by his Dr. that he does not think my son will never walk but I am not gonna give up on him. So I have been trying my hardest to try and find him a handicapped equipped van for him but I just can't afford one. He is only getting bigger and not smaller. It is to the point where I am hurting my back if I have to carry him for a short period of time. But I will do what I have to for my son. Also, it is so hard to put him in the buggies at the grocery stores because his legs don't bend like a normal kid. His left knee crosses over so it is hard to get his knees to separate and then on top of that he has days where he is so stiff I can’t put him in a buggy. His medicine he takes to help loosen his muscles just doesn't help so I’m trying to I’m waiting for another doctor to contact me to help him. It is also hard on me because I have to break down his wheel chair to go anywhere in my boy friend's car. Then if we get groceries the groceries don't fit in the back because his wheel chair takes up the whole trunk just about. So when I go shopping I have to keep his wheel chair at home and see if I can get him to bend his knees to fit in the buggy and if not my boy friend and I take turns on carrying him. This is where you come in. I was wondering if there is any way possible you could help me try and raise some money for my son to get the van he needs. I have tried but my problem is I don’t have enough credit established for a bank to give me a loan. I keep trying but no one will give me a chance to prove I can do it. If you got a chance to get to know my son you would just fall in love with him. He is so caring, loving, and a very smart little boy in his own ways. He has touched so many people’s lives that have gotten a chance to get to know him and have taught him in school. My son has helped me on not giving up and to always try and succeed. He has also taught me not to give up because if I give up then I’m giving up on him and my other little son and they need me. He has taught me that because I nearly lost him when he was born. I am so thankful that god didn't take him from me. So please if you can find it in your heart to help me try and raise some money. If you help me reach my goal then my son will have a van that i can put him in instead of us taking a handicapped van that we ride on so we can go to the doctor since medicaid helps but then we have to wait 30 mins. to an hour till we get picked up. So please if you can find it in your heart to help my son.
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