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The Chambers family needs your support. Their home is flooding, bills are floating, and their unborn son has been diagnosed with Trisomy 13.

My eldest sister, Rachael has two beautiful children (a boy and a girl) with her husband, Donavon. They sadly lost a child to a miscarriage between the two, but Rachael is pregnant again. They’re a wonderful and loving family and the following story tears at my heart. Over the past 2 years Rachael and her family have been dealing with one crisis after the other. Starting in November of 2010, their home has started to spring up leaks. They’ve accrued a handsome bit of debt in getting the leaks fixed – in an expensive process that was supposed to resolve the issue somewhat permanently, their water was shut off and a sealant was pumped through the pipes. They had to stay away from home for a bit while the water damage and coating was taken care of. It was an unexpected and heavy expense, but they got a warranty with it and they were hopeful. Unfortunately, since that initial bout with what my sister calls the “Pipe Gremlins,” leaks have continued to spring up all over the house. Some leaks have been in the bathrooms, and several times they’ve flooded the children’s bedroom. Each time this occurs, the company comes back out, surveys the situation, and then begins knocking out sheetrock, tearing up tiles, and jackhammering their house. Much of the demolition and pipework appears to be covered by that initial warranty, but there is no coverage for the “cosmetic” stuff like tile and flooring. They pour concrete back in the hole and go on about their merry way… at least until another leak springs up. Most recently, they’ve been telling my sister and her husband that they will have to determine coverage under the warranty. This is scary in light of the other financial burdens that have been thrown at them throughout this whole ordeal. The next big hurdle was their air-conditioning (a necessity in Texas). Their AC unit has needed several repairs over the past couple of years none of which have been cheap. Just the other day, while investigating yet another water leak, they found that the AC unit has been leaking also. Now there is even more mold and sheetrock damage that will surely not be covered by the pipe warranty. As if all of this isn’t enough stress for them to bear, they received more troubling news just a couple of months ago. Their new baby boy has been diagnosed with Trisomy 13 a terrible debilitating genetic disorder with at 80-90% mortality rate in the first year. They are now facing a host of medical bills and even more emotional and financial stress on top of the storm they’re already trying to weather. I fear for their mental health, their financial stability, and for the wellbeing of everyone involved. I don’t have the means to help them on my own and that’s why I’ve been looking for a way – any way – to help reduce the impact of their current and impending need. If you can spare some encouragement, advice, prayers, and/or financial assistance, it would go a long way to help a group of people that are very near and dear to my heart. Thank you so much for taking the time to read their story. I love my family and I hope that you can help me help them.

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