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Any and all assistance would be greatly appreciated and be a huge help. Thank you for your time and support!

Debra experienced a minor stroke after an airplane flight in March, 2011. Residual affects of the health incident resulted in job loss and the need for extensive testing and long-term care from various Specialists in Medical Practice to rehabilitate Debra to get her back on her feet again. To-date, December 2011, Debra is under regular care of a Rheumatologist, Neurologist, Speech Pathologist, and is now seeking care from a Chiropractor for access to Physical Therapy services to help with pain management.

Debra continues to experience difficulties with pain, exhaustion and fatigue, memory loss and cognitive functioning degradation. These conditions keep her weighed down and impact her ability to function at a mental and physical capacity to return to full time work or to receive education for a new career that would be more appropriate for her condition if she is unable to achieve significant improvement in the near future.

Continuing care with her physicians is critical to Debra's healing. The affects of unemployment and high costs of medical care have put an extreme burden on Debra's finances. Despite her persistence in asking for help and reaching out to find assistance, she has not been able to connect with any resources that can relieve some of the financial stress and enable her to seek out some of the care she needs for successful rehabilitation.

Debra's health insurance provides tremendous coverage and gives her access to the best doctor's in the Chicagoland area. That insurance comes at a significant cost, and although most services she needs are covered at 100% once she reaches her deductible, Mental Health Services relating to brain function (the memory, seizure, cognitive functioning issues) are only covered up to 50% for in-network providers, regardless of hitting the deductible. She has been unable to begin this care because she simply doesn't even have the finances to cover her basic living expenses at this time- and doesn't have enough available credit to float the cost until she can make it up someday down the road.

Here are some of the things Debra is in critical need for

Cost of Health Insurance Premium for 2012: $3114.00
Cost of Health Insurance Deductible for 2012: $1200.00

Cost of Mental Health Services (Insurance covers 50%). Average is calculated based on interviewing several different Medical Practitioners and reviewing their costs of services for the treatment recommended for Debra):
- $900 Evaluation/Testing
- $100 per therapy session, 30 sessions allowed per calendar year (Total of $3,000. for therapy sessions.)

Total cost of these services for 2012 = $3,900.00, insurance covers 50%, Debra's responsibility will be $1,950.00

Total Cost for Medical Expenses for Debra in 2012: $6,264.00

Transportation: Due to the financial duress caused by Debra's situation, she has had to surrender her vehicle and currently cannot afford to replace it with a reliable used car, nor afford the gas, maintenance and insurance for a vehicle. If additional funds for the purchase and use of an economical vehicle (or if anyone has a reliable used car they can donate!) can be made, that would also be a tremendous help! Otherwise, she can continue to seek favors from friends and family for rides when they are available- and will also use public transportation when funds are available (such as taking the Metra downtown so nobody has to take the two hour round trip just to and from her home to get her to the specialists she is working with in the city.)

Goal for Transportation Expenses:
$2,500 for purchase of vehicle
$100 for vehicle registration
$200/month for gas and maintenance

Total Transportation Cost Estimate for 2012 (car): $5,000.00

Public Transportation costs: extra (unknown)

************** UPDATE ***************************************

Hey everyone, this is Debra and I have great news! My tax audit from this year has finally made a move and I have received a check for the majority of what they owed me for my last tax return. Thank God! I was able to make up the last two payments yesterday and have enough to do the critical repairs needed to get my vehicle back on the road. Where it stands now I will be able to continue making the payments for the car and insurance through the end of June. Cash may be tight for fuel but this is a huge help for me. I am very happy to say that I can now also reduce the funding goal to cover the healthcare costs only :)

This is a huge win for me, and as of today 12/30/11, I have enough raised to cover my deductible for 2012 so from this point going forward I only have to focus on the premium and out of pocket costs for the brain rehab.

Thanks again!

Love, Deb
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