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This fundraiser is to help our friend, Delana battle Lyme disease. She has recently been diagnosed with Late stage neurological Lyme Disease.

Delana has recently been diagnosed with Late Stage Neurological Lyme Disease. This diagnosis comes after almost 20 years of misunderstood symptoms, misdiagnoses, and mistreatments. From migraines, to depression, to extreme body pain, to tumors, to a heart murmur, the symptoms go on and on.

Lyme Disease is an inflammatory disease that is caused by the Borrelia bacteria. The bacteria are transmitted through the bite of a tick, which is not limited to the deer tick, and if treated immediately can be eradicated with a few weeks of moderate antibiotics. If left untreated the bacteria can take over the body and cause organ failure, neurological disorders, and possibly death. There is a lot of miseducation and conspiracy behind this disease. Lyme Disease is an epidemic that is affecting hundreds of thousands of people all over this country and unfortunately has fallen at the mercy of uninformed doctors and corrupt pharmaceutical company politics.

Treatment can last years and patients get much worse before getting better and subsequently leave the patient debilitated and unable to work. Delana is currently on three antibiotics and a strong regiment of pain medication. The treatment causes Herxheimer Reactions in which the body releases toxins from the bacteria as the antibiotics fight to kill them off causing fever, chills, muscle pain, and headaches. Lyme disease affects cognition and causes the muscles to cramp, convulse and give out, as well as dismantling the immune system. She has worked as a Veterinary Technician for the last 4 years and due to the treatment and the disease has been unable to continue working. The cost of treatment, medications, doctors visits, all add up and many Lyme patients spend ten’s of thousands of dollars on the path to recovery.

Delana has a beautiful heart and gives so much love back to the world. She volunteers her time with Hospice and a division of Hospice called Griefbuster’s in which she spends time with children who have recently had a traumatic event occur in their life. She is a lover of all people and animals and shines her light wherever she goes. She has touched so many lives and has helped so many people selflessly, and now needs our help on her journey to recovery. Delana is one of the strongest people I know and is fighting this disease with optimism and a strength so beautiful it is inspiring.

Here is Delana's personal blog about her battle with Lyme Disease.

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