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Thank you so much for reading and for sharing what you can with this needful family.

BABIES!   Everyone loves babies! We hold them, snuggle them, feed them, dress them up, change their diapers..... lots and lots of diapers. SO MANY DIAPERS TO CHANGE!

WHAT?? THREE BABIES!!! I'm having three babies? At one time? But how will I hold them all, snuggle them all, feed them all, dress them all up, change their diapers..... Oh dear - D I A P E R S !!!! For three babies?

3 babies X 6 changes each [ at least ] day X 365 days a year X 2 years until potty trained [ at least! and 2 of 'em are boys! they take forever!] = ?

OVER 13,000 diapers. Whew! And you know that figure is probably low. Now please, friends, imagine the cost. Imagine being a stay at home mom and hard working dad who struggle every day to make ends meet, who juggle sleep, and time, and bills. Who are bursting with love and gratitude for three healthy babies, and who would burst with love and gratitude for any bit of help they can get.

Diapers. How awesome it would be to supply Elizabeth, Hector and the three babies (William, Ariana, and 'Jr.') with enough money to buy all the diapers they will need. Multiples are such a joy to experience - but give parents a multitude of things to worry about.  So many things to buy for THREE babies. Let's at LEAST relieve the worry about one detail - how to purchase thousands of diapers.

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