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The family and friends of Claudia Spurlock are uniting to raise money to help her have a voice. Please show your support!

I would like to introduce you to Claudia Spurlock. She is a 15 year old Sophmore at Mooresville High School. She will never receive a diploma, just a certificate of completion because of her disability. She loves Volkswagen Beetles, Hello Kitty, Spiderman, baseball and football. She plays sports for the Special Olympics in our area. She is the most loving person you will ever know. She is an absolutely adorable young person who never meets a stranger even though she cannot always completely share her thoughts and feelings without assistance. It’s amazing how much not having a voice can hold someone back in life. I have taken the steps to learn sign language so I can teach her some way to communicate. But with her disability, just being able to make the correct hand gestures is hard for her. Claudia was born September 28, 1996. She was born with a soft cleft palate. She had her 1st palate repair November 1997 and everything was good. But February 2nd, 1998 is a day that changed our lives forever. Claudia was so severely burned by a faulty hot water valve neglected by our landlord that over 48% of her body was left with 2nd and 3rd degree burns. She died 3 times in the hospital and was put in a medically induced coma. She had to receive 12 skin grafts and 1 scar release. She was in the hospital for a month before anyone could hold her. She was then released from the ICU in 1 hospital to spend another month and half in a rehabilitation hospital. Claudia finally got to come home April 22nd, 1998. Once she was back home all the therapies began. She received occupational, physical and speech therapies 3 to 5 times a week, until she began school at the age of 3. She was enrolled in a self-contained classroom for moderate to severely disabled children. She had to wear pressure garments for years. Claudia was not only physically injured and scarred. She also suffered severe trauma to her brain due to the shock of the tragedy. She had to learn to do things all over again. She had to learn how to eat, crawl, walk, etc. The one thing she never got back was her voice. She went from saying mama, dada, baba, wawa, dog dog to nothing. She became so frustrated. It hurt to watch her try so hard to talk only for her to not be understood. We weren’t getting anywhere with speech therapy so I decided American Sign Language was worth a shot. Claudia’s 1st sign was more. I still remember the 1st day she used her sign and got what she wanted. My daughters beautiful smile shined again. Once we started basic signing her sounds started. It took years but we made some progress. She never did get her voice back the way it used to be, but she learned her ways of communication. For instance YaYa is her aunt Andrea, Aden is her sister Chadon, Nuner is her brother Junior. Some words aren’t so easy to figure out. Once Claudia reached middle school we got to rent a Dynavox augmentative communication device. The box was programed to Claudia’s personal life. She could order her favorite food at McDonald’s now. She could tell you she needed to use the restroom. By learning the Dynavox she was also learning to read certain words. Then the problems began with the school. They had a waiting list for the Dynavox’s so when Claudia switched schools, in the same district, they didn’t let her take it. And we finally got one several months later just to find out the teacher didn’t want to learn how to program it. She went back to her original school and then the box was broken. Claudia has been diagnosed as developmentally delayed and with a communication delay. She spends her school days still in a self-contained classroom because she can’t communicate. Her not having a voice is holding her back. She will never be able to speak clearly without the form of some kind of assistance. The best option would be the Dynavox, due to her inability to sign correctly. With the touch of a button the Dynavox speaks for the user. The Dynavox Maestro cost $7565.00. The DynaVox Maestro gives individuals with speech and language disabilities the confidence to make their voices heard in every situation by putting the focus on communication, not the method by which that communication is achieved. Sleek, stylish design combines with powerful communication tools and cutting-edge technology to empower successful and efficient day-to-day communication.You can find all the information you need on the following link. Please consider helping to make a positive change in Claudia's life by donating to this fundraiser. Any contribution you could possibly offer will make a difference. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Chantel & Claudia Spurlock
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