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We need help with emergency dental care, catch up on some past-due bills, and vet visit. I appreciate your help. Thanks! God Bless!

I'm coping with a worker's comp case, receiving no pay and still seeking diagnosis. I'm unable to work just now due to the injury from 2012. We live on my husband's disability check. We're going to the food pantries each month.  I've got three broken teeth, one has just the center of tooth left, and my face starting to swell from it. I have no dental insurance to help cover partial costs.
We're getting behind on a few bills, like car and house insurance; constantly playing catch-up on bills. Plus,we pay on two title loans on his truck, and that uses up grocery money.
Our two dogs would benefit from a vet visit. Snickerdoodle,the older dog has couple of lumps on her needing a vet check.
I'm at the end of my rope, I'm asking for a knot of help. My husband is mentally ill, and gets very agitated in this kind of situation. Your donations will help me keep him calm and that makes me calm, too. These are my primary reasons for asking for your help.

I'd also love to go see my precious granddaughter again. Hailey was born October 4, 2013. I've seen her only once, when she was 6 weeks old. They live four hours away from here, and I don't have funds to get there. My aunt and a friend funded the first visit as a birthday gift for me.
Thank you all!   God Bless.

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