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Weston Vassallo's family and friends are uniting to raise funds to help defray the cost of travel and out of pocket living expenses.

Weston, 2 years of age is a very special little boy that we call the Warrior. He has endured a lot in his short life and is currently awaiting a heart transplant at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio. Weston was born with HLHS, Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. He has had three surgeries to date. One, the Norwood, at 3 days old, the Glenn, at 5 months old, and recently in October 2013 a tricuspid valve repair, because he had severe leakage. For about the last month Weston has been puffy in the morning and very lethargic and extra fussy and clingy. His mother's instincts new something was wrong. She then took him to his cardiologist in Cleveland, where he was admitted. They did an echo and labs and it was confirmed he is in heart failure. He is currently in the PICU and they are starting him on heart meds to calm his heart down and using other meds to reduce extra fluid. Over night on Wednesday, January 8, 2014 little Weston took a huge dive and nearly went into cardiac arrest. He is now on a breathing tube and several meds. The doctors will do a heart cath on Monday, January 13th, 2014. In this cath they will do some pre transplant biopsies to confirm whether he has cardiomyopathy, and by some slim chance it can be repaired, and if not, he will need a heart transplant for sure. In any case it is definite he will need a heart transplant at some point, whether it be now or later. According to the doctors, it is probable that he needs it now, and we are currently going through all of the necessary channels to get on the list, which will hopefully be done by early this week. This is where family and friends can step in and help with traveling costs as the hospital where he is being treated is an hour away from where they reside. We can also help with medical expenses and every day living expenses as Anthony and Emily also have two small children at home, Braden and Lola. Your donations to this family will be extremely helpful, and be very appreciated. We will keep people posted as much as possible on his health and you can also visit his progress on his Facebook page under Weston Vassallo.

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