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After Surgery

Posted by Heather Dennis on August 6th, 2015


I  have logged in several times to give an update. I kept getting knocked out by my computer antivirus :-(  Please forgive me for not getting to this sooner. 

My moms surgery went very well. She arrived at the hospital at 5 am July 22. They took her back for bloodwork and prep. Her potassium levels and EKG were off, so they had to redo those. She was told she may not be able to have the surgery that day. We went back to the waiting room and prayed. I texted friends and we all started a prayer chain. They said if her potassium level was over 5 (which it was), that they could not move forward. They came back not long after and the levels were down to a 4. PRAISE GOD!!! They took her in for surgery around 7:30. She was in surgery over 4.5 hours. They finally got her into a room close to 5:30 pm. We visited with her a few minutes. She was still very out of it and in pain. We drove the 3 hours home and planned to go back the next day. She called me the next morning (Still sounding terrible) and told me they were releasing her. I was very surprised. She got home that night close to 5 pm. I was blessed that my husband took off work for the next few days and I was able to stay with her and keep an eye on her. She slept in the recliner with her feet propped up. I bought her a travel neck pillow for her to sleep with. She said that was a lifesaver. I'm glad God gave me the idea. My dad and I made sure she took her meds and rested as much as possible. She is strong willed and independent and it's hard for her to be taken care of. But she was a good patient. I stayed with her night and day for almost a full week. Then I got kidney stones and was down for a few days. Funny how that worked out. TERRIBLE TIMING on that one ;). By then she was doing much better and had cut her pain pill dosage in half. She was down to mostly taking IBs. She had a doctor apontiment this past Tuesday. The doctor said she was doing better than expected. Her incisions were healing well. Everything inside looked like it was healing well. She was moving well and her stomach was soft, which was a great thing. She was told that they did not find any cancer cells in her lymph nodes. They seemed to have removed all of the cancer! PRAISE GOD AGAIN!!! She was told she will still get chemotherapy and radiation for 9 months and that she will lose her hair. My mom is not worried or upset about any of these next stages. She knows that God has brought her this far and He has protected and covered her through it all. He has guided her to the right doctors and guided the doctors hands. We are so blessed and thankful. Please continue to pray for my mom as she goes through these next treatments. Pray that God will keep her healthy and that she will not experience any side effects. Pray that he coveres them both with good health as well as blessing them financially. They would not have been able to move forward as much and fast as they have without your help and doations and we are SO VERY THANKFUL for that. No words can express how much of a blessing your prayers and donations have been. SO THANK YOU!!! 

I will update again next week when she gets back from her dr apt. 

Love and Hugs, Heather 

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