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Our mom had been in pain and dealing other symptoms for approximately 5 months.

She does not have insurance and it was a battle even being able to afford to go to the doctor. Our dad would take her to hospitals and other places to discuss financial help, but nothing was available. She would go to the doctor when she could afford it. Her first appointment was at a general doctor. They then sent her to an OBGYN. It took a few weeks for her to be able to afford to go. She is not one to spend money on herself, even when it is medically needed, so this was a hard thing for her to do. Every doctor visit was between $300 and $500 out of pocket. The OBGYN performed a routine pelvic exam, cervical biopsy and a pap smear. When they got the results back, everything was negative. Because she had been bleeding for so long, they still wanted to do a D&C and spoke of eventually performing a full hysterectomy. They were not friendly at all. My mom was very uncomfortable with them and did not want them to be the ones to perform any type of surgery on her. After a few more months of suffering, still seeking financial help, and almost giving up, she decided to go to one last doctor. There, she was given an endometrial biopsy. There was so much blood in her uterus that it took the doctor three tries to get the tissue. She described it to be one of the most painful things she has been through. After a week of waiting, she got the results. They called her to come into the office June 16, 2015. They told her that she had a rare form of uterine cancer. The doctor proceeded to inform her that they were unable to treat this type of cancer at any of our local hospitals. She is scheduled to have a CT scan and eventually a hysterectomy at a hospital that is over two hours away.

Our goal is to raise funds to assist our mom with any and all medical expenses as well as other living expenses. It can all be overwhelming and stressful. We don't want her to worry about any of these things and to be able to focus on getting better

On a personal note, I can't tell you how I felt when she called me and told me. My mom is my rock. My best friend. My shoulder. My prayer partner. She makes me laugh. She keeps me where I need to be. She lifts me up. She supports me in EVERYTHING I do. She is an amazing grandmother. She is a pastors wife. She takes care of everyone. She is always there to help and never stops giving.

I will never forget anything about that moment in time. I was at dance with my daughter and after she called I had to go into the bathroom downstairs and sobbed. I went into an empty studio and cried and prayed and got on my hands and knees and pleaded with God to heal her. I also called and spoke with my husband and was writing / talking with my sister before I went home. We were all in shock. It was something that caught us all off guard. We all joined together in prayer and started our journey of faith.  She was so scared and in shock. If any of us could have been able to, we would have just taken it all from her. (Heather) 

What we do know is God is in control and that He can and will heal her and bring her through this. He has given us peace. The kind that only comes from Him. Peace that surpasses all understanding. He always keeps His promises. He NEVER fails. He has been there for her time and time again, and He isn't done yet!

Donations are going to be such a blessing to her and will help her out in so many ways, however, if you have nothing to give but believe in the power of prayer, the PLEASE PRAY! To God be ALL the glory!

Thank you so much for taking time to read this and for your donations, be it monetary or through prayer.

May God bless you.


With love and thanks from, 

The Dennis Family - Tommy, Heahter, Hannah, and Tommy Ray

The Blanton Family - Rob, Becky and Ethan

 Adam Lynch and Whitney Williams

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