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Marky's battle with Rohhad, his life long battle to breath. Please help and show your support!

Marky Morton Jr. fighting the fight of his life...Rohhad.

Our 3 year old son Marky Morton Jr is fighting the battle of his life against Rohhad, it is an extremely rare syndrome that's incurable, no treatment or prognosis. Rohhad is Rapid-onset Obesity with Hypothalamic dysfunction, Hypoventilation and Autonomic Dysregulation (ROHHAD syndrome) is a very rare disease affecting approximately only 75 cases worldwide. Patients with ROHHAD, as well as patients with Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome (CCHS)[1] have damaged the mechanism governing proper breathing. ROHHAD syndrome is a disease that is potentially lethal and incurable. Marky remains in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit requiring multiple critical care therapies.

Marky started falling over July 20th of 2012. it was like he was fainting. We got him to Childrens hospital about 11pm, the doctor in the ER saw the falling spells and immediately admitted him. He got to a room and from there the nurse put a pulse ox on him and she looked at read 60. A normal toddler should be BLUE!! The put on oxygen on him immediately! From that point he got a ton of testing..EEG, EKG, ECHO, MRI and bloodwork...that next night when he got the MRI they had to intabate and sedate him...that is went we learned he had really bad breathing issues....pulmonary hypertension, hyperventalation and central brain apnea...then on top of this he got pneamonia.

He was in the PICU at Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh for 48 long days since July 20th. The first three weeks he fought for his life. We watched him go into respiratory arrest and code several times, we almost lost him from pneumonia. We watch and waited for him to just show signs of getting better. He wasn't able to be extabate and relied on the vent to breath so he got a tracheotomy on 8.22.2011 after a month of being intubated , this was to ensure his ability to breathe and stay alive.Marky couldn't sit up or even walk after being sadate for so day is one wk of physical therpy Marky then spent 2 month in the Children's Institute to rehab him back to being Marky...he walked out of the Institute beside all the odds against him!

Marky is the second youngest out of our 7 children .He was born on March 19, 2008. A beautiful 5lb 12oz healthy newborn. He was the light of our lives, all his brothers and sisters just loved him and spoiled him! He was a normal wonderful infant and toddler he loved to go the Pittsburgh Penguins games with mom, dad and pappy. Sidney Crosby is favorite player! Every time we passed the arena he would say " let go to hockey game!" He also loves his Disney Cars and Trains. If you knew Marky you would see him carry his baskets of toys nd they were nevaer far from him. His basket of toys even slept in bed with us at night!

December 2010 he was a healthy 27lb toddler. March he weighed almost 40lbs. Wednesday, July 20, 2011 he weighted 67 pounds. He is currently 77lbs 11.27.11 is now Jan 1 and he is alittle over 80 lbs.

If you would like to donate:
Care of Miracle's for Marky
394 Ambard Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15202
Care of Miracle's for Marky
Citizens bank
4701 Liberty Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15224

We are on a mission to help our son and the other children battling this horrible syndrome. We are joining forces with Rohhadfight Org. in New York. You can donate directly to our cause and to help all the families effected by Rohhad. Marisas fight will have the help of Markys battle also!!

http://​ please pass this link along and donate towards our fight!!

Thank you and god bless you all! Mailinh & Mark Morton
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