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Please help a cat (Junior) & a dog (Roxy). Junior needs emergency medical attention & Roxy needs your help too. More detail in description.

Hello, my name is Christina Sizemore and I am trying my hardest to raise some money to help my 3 year old male cat, Junior, to receive emergency medical attention from the vet. Also, I am trying to raise money to get a female young dog who is not a year old just yet, Roxy, spayed. She was abandoned at a truck stop with a note pinned to her collar that explained she has not had any shots and is not fixed. The previous owner explained he/she could not take care of her anymore and that she was now a homeless puppy looking for a home. I took her in. All of my pets are rescues and I try my hardest to take care of them all, provide them shelter and give them much needed love. I even have pets with disabilities.

But recently I have fallen on very rough times. My kitchen roof and ceiling collapsed along with cabinets from our past rain. I work, but have had to go to part time working at Wal-Mart because of just past lower back surgeries and a neck surgery which placed titanium in my spine. I am currently under-going even more medical tests for loss of feeling in my legs. I am sharing this information about my health just so you may understand my situation and that I don't normally ask for help. I do have 2 young sons. Conner, he is 8 years old and has had to have ear tubes put in place and now currently is going to a throat doctor because he is having throat problems where he loses his voice. I also have Cody who is 6 years old and was diagnosed with slight Autism and is currently under-going medical tests for headaches and chest problems. Needless, to say I currently owe appx. $3000.00 in medical bills. This all has happened recently and so we have fallen behind in the financial area. As they say, when it rains it pours. I will not go into further detail of others bad things that have taken place to further put me into debt. Please understand this is hard enough for me to share this much and ask for help.

I do ask for help now because I can see that I am overwhelmed and unable and can not catch up.

Please if you can help my cat, Junior. He needs emergency vet care as he is in pain and can pass away very very quickly. He is not able to go to the bathroom. He is bloated from lack of being able to release the toxins in his bladder. He has crystals that blocks his urine from coming out. This causes major pain in a cat, needless to say any animals this would cause pain to. He is in so much pain, lays on his side most of the time now and meows very loudly and not his typical meow. His body tries to contract to push the urine out but is unable. The vet says she can fix this medical emergency and does not feel that putting the cat down is needed at all. They would perform a surgery that will make it easier for him from now on to go to the bathroom and also provide him with a temporary catheter and also place him on a special diet food specifically for this issue. So this is what $400.00 of the money donated would go for.

The last $100.00 would go towards the once homeless female young dog, Roxy getting spayed and shots. She loves being outside but I fear her being out there with other male dogs that roam from different parts of the neighborhood. Please if you can help her also so she can enjoy her life and know she is now being taken care of and that she can put her past of being abandoned at a truck stop behind her.

I have done much research, reading, checking into sites, making phone calls to find the cheapest and also best options for these animals and that is how I came up with an appx. cost for these animals. I say appx. because I am also trying to still save up a few dollars here and there out of my paychecks but must admit I haven't gotten very far at all since bill collectors don't take kindly to 'I can't right now, I have some medical emergencies for my pets.'

I thank you for your time and for reading my long situation. Please if you can help I would greatly appreciate it. If you are unable to help, I completely understand and only ask that maybe you can pass or forward this along to any of your friends and family since I don't have many.

Thank you in advance,
Christina Sizemore, Junior and Roxy
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