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The family and friends of Blanche Michelle Clark are uniting to raise money to help with her battle against kidney cancer and Addisons.

Dear friends, I'm reaching out to you in this time of need for our family. My name is Alexis and I was only 17and just had a newborn baby when my mom Michelle was diagnosed with kidney cancer at age 47. I was devastated to learn my best friend and my everything was about to begin a life long battle. They caught the cancer before ot spread to her bones. Having to remove her left kidney and addrenal gland. But she did not back down. She continued back to work as a nurse. One of the many things she was very passionate about. Her patients,flowers,and family was her world. Knowing my stepdad was already disabled and unable to work she strived to support our family herself. She is the strongest,most courageous devoted mother I know. Shortly after she continued back to work her foot was in nonstop pain. She had been working on a broken foot for several weeks. This is when we found out since the kidney cancer she had developed several other diseases. Which are Severe Neuropathey,C.O.P.D,Addrenal Gland Insufficient,stage 3 Renal Cell Carsonoma,Severe Ostioathritis, Osteopenic,and the main cause of all the problems a rare disease called Addisons. These diseases have caused alot of pain and surgeries. With several that still need to be done. She's already had to undergo having her kidney and addrenal gland removed,shoulder surgery,hip bursectomy,hemrods and lesions removed,double knee replacement,and 2 broke feet. Because the Addisons disease attacks your body and causes your bones to break. In addition to that we recently found out she needs a neck surgery and has a decending aorta in her heart that is 4 1/2 cm. Doctors usualyy operate at 6 cm. As i said earlier the rare disease Addisons is the cause of all these problems. When having this disease you have to take a special steriod called cortef to mimic the hormones your addrenal gland once naturally produced. Although ot cannot replace everything the addrenal gland provided. These hormones are what run your entire body and keep your bones strong. Due to all these problems and lack of knowledge by doctors we are constantly traveling to doctor visits. And prescribed several prescriptions she takes daily to stay alive. My stepdad,brothers and sister,and I try to do the best we can to care for mom but we are not in the best shape ourselves. Her insurance has lapsed and it was costing $800 a month out of pocket. The medical bills are piling up,cost of medicine,and cost of living has lefy us struggling to make ends meet. Plus she won't be able to get medicare for a year so she will be without insurance. That means she won't be able to go to any doctors appointments or get any of her medication she desperatley needs to survive. Not to mention the neck surgery,heart surgery,scans to see if the cancer is reoccuring every 6 months,and the doctors wanting to send her to Shands for further tests. Which we do not live close by. She needs long term care and any help we can get. She's in a wheelchair and hasn't been able to barely get out her bed in almost 2 years. So PLEASE help me help my mom so she can stay with us and watch her grandchildren grow up. Any help you can give is beyond greatley appreciated more than you'll ever know !
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