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A desperate plea for help for my very sick Type 1 diabetic fiance on his quest for a holistic healing overhaul. Thank you for reading.

My fiance Phil is 33 years old and is a very sick Type 1 diabetic. He was diagnosed in his early 20's, possibly as a result of a combination Hepatitis vaccine he and his coworkers were required to get by their employer.

Since his diagnosis, Phil has been diligently seeing his Western doctors for over a decade and doing everything in his power to keep his blood sugar under control, but he has a form of the disease that is extremely volatile and nearly impossible to keep balanced even when he does everything right.

There are many symptoms he has that Western medicine has been unable to help him with. All they have ever told hm is that he needs to keep his blood sugar down, and he tries so hard but when he gets it anywhere near normal range, he gets extremely dizzy and passes out. At this point they have essentially given up on him. He has been told the damage to his body is permanent which has led to severe anxiety, panic attacks and depression.

Phil is already experiencing the breakdown of his vital organ, digestive and circulatory systems and is now facing the very real risk of losing both of his feet. He has also been put on anti-anxiety medication by his doctors which has so many awful side effects that are essentially ruining his life and his chances of moving forward. He is desperate to stop taking this medicine, but he needs a holistic doctor to find the right balance of natural herbs or medicines so that he can do this safely.

He has been ready for years to reach out towards the field of holistic healing. But due to his disease he has been unable to work, and the disability benefits he receives do not cover holistic health care. He needs someone that can treat him as a whole person - from helping him start over with his dietary plan, determining any deficiencies or food allergies he may have, etc. and helping him determine the exact nature of the problem so he finally has the self-care tools that he needs to get well.

Phil is ready to begin treatment with a host of practitioners - He would benefit from seeing a Naturopath, Acupuncturist and perhaps and Osteopath in conjuction - he is also in dire need of some movement classes such as Qi Gong and yoga.

We have tried for years to cover these out-of-pocket expenses on our own, but we just can't ever get there with any consistency to actually help him.

In the meantime his health is getting worse by the day. We need help. Phil is ready to heal his body. He is trying so hard not to give up hope but it is so hard when he's in constant pain.

Phil is stuck until we can find a way to afford his holistic health plan. He cannot work because of the pain in his feet and the dizziness from the medication, and thus we cannot afford to get married - he is on a low-income disability plan which he would lose the moment we get married. I work for a nonprofit and simply cannot afford to support us both - we are just barely getting by as it is with his disability income.

We both have many family and friends who love us and would give us the shirts off their backs in a heartbeat if they could, but unfortunately they are struggling too in this economic downturn and are not in a position to help.

Please help us start 2012 off on the right path, if you can. Without some kind of divine intervention now, I am certain that Phil will not live to see the next new year.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much.

Monica and Phil
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