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"Hope for Patience" is to help raise money for our pup that has a fractured leg and needs surgery. Or she will lose her leg or put down.

Where to start?Where to start? First thing our little "Patient Heart" known as Patience has a fractured leg at her growth plate on her back right leg on her tibia. She did this playing as most puppies do and jumped up and came down wrong and landed painfully on what we would call our knee. We later found out after getting ex-rays and being checked over that she more than likely already had an injury caused by her previous abusive owner before being dumped off at someones yard. I'll tell you more in a bit about that. Doc said that it was something she got used to so didn;t show signs of pain, but got worse or finally gave way to exuberant play. So her options were to have her put to sleep, amputate the leg, or have surgery to put a pin in her leg to reconnect and stabilize her tibia so her growth plate would fuse properly later on and have full use of her leg. Problem is the current puppy plan does not cover this nor do we have enough credit on our emergencey Care Credit plan as most of that went for her care at the E.R.. Her last two options are over 2000.00 with fees and meds. I do not want to have to put my new little one to sleep. She has been through so much in her young life already and has not been given a fair shot. She has been so brave and full of heart being a big girl learning to get around on 3 legs still trying to play and be part of the family! Even though she has all the kisses in the world and wiggles when she wags her tail, i can't help but see the timid Patience again before she came to Marc and I without the use of her leg. She has been so brave and so patient while Marc and I have been trying to find a better estimate, and good vet as well as the money to save our baby and get the remaining care she desperately needs. I cant lose another best friend and have to lay her to rest. R.I.P Baby Girl. Because on Oct 1st this year at 5pm PST I laid to rest my best friend Nevada of 14 years. Even though in heart and spirit she wasn't ready to go, her body couldn't rally. So I made the decision to end Nevadas' pain and did what was the hardest for me to do. After trying to deal with pain alone with no positive distraction. I went online to look at puppies in need of a home. I have always taken in mixed breeds or have done fostering for less fortunate of our four legged friends. I saw a little female puppy that had just been literally dumped off on someone. Luckily a caring person who took the time to put up an adoption page. I asked my fiance if we could go see her. Patient heart as my better half later named her, was all too adorable and sweet and in need of a loving family. We were all to willing and wanting to give that. Something just said to my heart that this little girl was the right one, even so soon after parting with my beloved Nevada. After taking her home and letting "Patience" get acquainted with her new forever home. It became apparent that she was a little head shy and to easily intimidated. I knew then that she had been neglected and possibly abused. Consistently holding her tail between her legs and especially especially timid and basically scared around men, even my very gentle fiance Marc. We both right away started with positive training with her and a vigorous play schedule to get her self esteem up along with confidence. Boy did she respond well! As much as she is such a sweet, easygoing little girl, she is also very smart and a big pleaser! She learned all basic commands including stay within the first week, and followed with roll-over, hi-five, shake left and right, and speak. Such a smarty pants and full of life! but she is also in need of your help where I cannot. She has a week before I have to put her down if we cannot come up with the money. I will do anything for this little one. Please help.....
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