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We are an inpatient psychiatric medical facility staff.

We work with all types of patients including those suffering from schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression and disorders such as borderline, antisocial personalities and catatonia.

It's not easy work and takes patience you didn't realize you were capable of. It is every day practice for us to reassure those who are hallucinating and don't know what is real from what isn't. It's our job to make them feel safe. This can be a challenge when a patient genuinely believes you are a demon, or the devil. This, believe it or not is a very common scenario for us. I wish I had a nickel for every president, every member of royalty and every prophet I have dealt with.

Sure, there are good times. Times when you come close to busting a gut to keep a laugh inside because you are seeing a patient dancing with a non existing partner, sharing drinks and all. Or perhaps you are watching the current "Jesus" baptizing his peers from a garbage can full of holy water in the unit hallway. We feel absolutely certain that we have no demons inside us because they have been rebuked again and again by one patient or another.

Then you have the dangerous side of the job. Many of our patients have been court ordered to be here and some come straight from jail for competency evaluations. They never see the judge that gave the order, nor do they understand.Their misplaced anger is directed at our staff and nothing we do or say can change that. Each unit could conceivably have only one nurse and 3 small female mental health techs for up to 26 patients, all diagnoses, genders and ages mixed together.

This is a high stress environment. It can rapidly become noisy and chaotic and often multiple patients escalate at the same time. Due to poor staffing we are all subjected to mandatory double shifts at a moments notice after we are feeling lucky to have just survived the shift we're on. This can and does happen up to 5 times a month.

It seems it is too much to ask from our employers to obtain some simple, decent chairs for staff to sit in, often working for shifts that last for 16-18 hours. Many of our nurses are older and suffer from arthritis and other painful conditions. Just regular "I'm getting old and it sucks kind of pain" ya know? And yes, some of these conditions are due to being assaulted and beaten up at work by our very own beloved patients. A normal person might think that having their employer know this information and being a mental health facility after all, they might be supportive, caring, concerned? Sorry, I had to stop writing for a moment to laugh.

Our long and diluted point is...we are desperate to have some decent chairs for work. Some with a height adjustment that works so I can stop hitting my chin on the desk while charting would be nice. We have never experienced lumbar support here. I wonder if I could move the next day after a double shift if I had a chair with lumbar support? Of course we need wheels because we have to move them around and share.

We have included a picture of the chairs that are supplied for us by our employer. The beige chairs weigh about 60 pounds, don't roll anymore and are all stuck on the lowest position.The other chairs, well... the picture says it all. It only takes a couple of minutes to feel the sciatica creeping up your legs. Standing up for 18 hours is less painful.
There are 5 units in our facility with 6-8 employees (If
we're lucky) on each unit making us in need of 45 chairs in total.
Not many people realize that places like where we work even exist. It may even be worth it for folks to help us. Think of it this way... Being comfortable at work would help us do a better job. The better job we do, the less mentally ill people you have walking around in your neighborhoods!
It's win win.
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