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God bless you all. Prayers first! Trying to keep up with the medical. Thank you!

On Sam and Linda's 13th wedding anniversary, they spent 14 hours seeing doctors, having x-rays and CT scans done to learn that Linda had a large cancerous tumor that was restricting her left airway. It was official, Linda had Lung Cancer- Stage IV. Over the next few weeks, Linda continued with appointment after appointment and test after test only to find out that “it”…… the “C” word…. cancer had spread to her liver. She was told by her doctors that 2009 was the last year that she would be here, that there wasn’t much she they could do for her.
One day, while at church, someone gave them the phone number for the Cancer Treatment Center of America (CTCA) and they gave Linda, Sam and their family hope. Linda and her immediate family, with the prayer of God, went to CTCA in Philadelphia, PA. They had no idea what lay before them.
While at CTCA the doctors found several more tumors in her lymph nodes and bone, but they started an aggressive treatment. Linda went thru 9 months of chemotherapy and 2 months of radiation. Linda experienced a myriad of complications and side effects including her throat splitting open from the combination of caustic drugs in her chemotherapy regime causing her to be hospitalized from the day after Christmas through New Years. Linda then had to undergo surgery for bleeding fibroids to be able to introduce a fourth chemo. Then came July 2010………Linda got a break. Thank God! Then September came and the “C” started coming back. A year after Linda started treatments she now needed 3 surgeries but she didn’t give up and neither did her team at CTCA. She was hospitalized each time 3 days up to almost 3 weeks. The surgeries were all to her liver and included 2 Chemoembolizations and radiofrequency ablation (RFA). Linda made it through these procedures despite the tremendous pain and side effects.
In May 2011 Linda was hoping for clean scans……. She was told she needed to be back on chemo. She started on her 43rd birthday June 2nd, 2011 and this carried her thru September 2011! Bald again, Linda was scanned again in October only to find that she needed another surgery on her liver! God loving, praying and hoping she had surgery, again, on November 1, 2011.
January 2012.... Please a clean PET scan?.... No...…Cisplatin and Alimta- 2 more chemo’s…… the fight continues! Linda is hopeful and praying that this round her scans come clear, that the big “C” is gone!! She keeps the faith and thanks God for all the love and support from her family and friends!
During the first 6 months of the fight Linda and her family had to temporarily move to Philadelphia; Sam went back and forth to NY working, praying and following the good Lords vows, in sickness and health... He is the epitome of what vows are between a husband and a wife. Unfortunately, this fight has been very's been mentally and emotionally taxing but especially financially expensive; the medical bills, co-pays, medicines and the economy. God has been very good to them and Linda has been a miracle. She has fought through and made it past any expiration date that has been given to her! She fights hard for herself but mostly for her husband Sam who has been an amazing caregiver; her two boys Rich, 17 and Rob, 14;Pop Jack and her pups & kitty. She is blessed with an amazing friend network and supportive family. Linda’s cousin, Cuz Rob, meets them at the center for all the crucial appointments. Her cheer squad is huge! Church is watching this miracle, churches are watching! They hope it brings light and glory to their maker God the Father. Without faith, what trouble they'd be in. They ask for prayer, first and foremost. Second, they are having this fundraiser to try to help them with their medical, travel and care expenses which costs approximately $85,000 a year. So far, out of pocket Linda and Sam have spent their savings, insurances and even their retirement………everything. They are working on downsizing, renting all the rooms in their house out and anything else they can do to make numbers work.
They understand how hard times are right now but are asking for any monetary help and if you aren’t able to make a donation they simply ask for a prayer.... They are just hoping to keep Linda’s medical treatments going as she continues to fight and kick the “C” to the Curb... And praising God for what miracle he's created!
Please pass this on if you would and thank you for listening, and for consideration.
God bless
Joy's daughter Linda Kickin The C to the Curb!

Enjoy your day!
You deserve to!
Linda Marie...

All glory be to God. Praise Him. And you will never be alone...
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