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Timberman Make A Wish

Timberman Make A Wish 2010 hopes to be even better than 2009!  A triathlete's personal quest for fitness and racing is something so much more satisfying for me when I make it a tribute to a cause I believe in. When I got a race email regarding Make A Wish, I didn't hesitate. It is not so often that you find a charity to support that can visibly make a difference. Last year, many of the Make A Wish kids and parents, in addition to the volunteers, were out there ALL weekend supporting the racers, ringing cowbells and yelling like crazy. It was such an honor to be able to run for them and to raise money for their dreams and wishes to come true.  They are the inspiring ones and every stroke, peddle and step is for them. 

Thank you for your support!  Every donation is appreciated.  And trust me, when the going gets tough out there I think of you and the kids and smile because  I have the good fortune of health --how lucky am I to be able to physically do a 1/2 ironman and to enjoy that pain!   Many thanks!

See below for last years report:

Timberman Make A Wish 2009 Race Report:

Timberman Triathlon - August 23rd, 2009 in Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire

The truth is: I had the absolute race of my life and a personal best at the 70.3 distance! I loved every minute of the race from start to finish and had a HUGE grin on my face the entire time. As I was passing people in my final lap of the run, I thought, I will do an Ironman, I’d be great at the Ironman—pretty crazy huh?

We had a delayed start due to an accident on the road so I was able to relax and paddle around in the beautifully clean freshwater lake. I love to get a little warm-up and this was perfect as I had to wait over an hour to start with the delay. The over-40 women were awesome, so friendly and nobody really wants to pound the heck out of each other. I took a left of the buoy start three back and was able to catch some toes and land in a good position and have a solid swim. I ran up the beach and decided that yes, I would use the wetsuit strippers who sat me on the ground stripped my wetsuit and helped me up. I ran over to my bike and did not have to sit to put on my shoes and I got out of there quickly.

I hopped on my bike and was greeting by cowbells and cheering from the Make-A-Wish gang and my friend Fran who drove up with me as my #1 fan (injured knee she’ll do the race next year) which was awesome! I turned the first corner up a hill and downshifted too soon and lost my chain. Ugh—rookie mistake! But I got my chain on quickly and the guy that watched this happen said, “Don’t worry, you’ve got plenty of time to make it up.” I needed that and I forgot about the rookie move immediately and focused on the present. I was prepared for a very long and hilly bike ride that was going to kick my butt. Seriously, I had not pre-ridden the course and hills are my nemesis so I just figured mentally that I was in for it. I knew the first 11 miles were up hill and that that mile 10 after the cement factory was a killer. I dug in but I didn’t think the hills were bad. I got to mile 10 and moved up the monster hill steadily. “Hmmm,” I thought, “all that biking with Mike and the guys is really paying off, I feel great and this course doesn’t feel that hard at all. In fact, I am having fun!” Yes, my mental coach is talking to me the entire time! When I got to the flats, I was once again riding with the boys and there were three of us that we passing each other at around 20+ mph, legally pacing and we laughed about that when we saw an illegal paceline of about 7 guys with fancy aero helmets going the opposite direction. Where were the marshals when you needed them? After the turn around, there was a slight uphill and more big hills, the kind you have to get out of your seat for so I did. Then on the way down, thank goodness I could not see my speedometer because I was going well over 30mph, how much I don’t even want to know because I was passing people (guys actually) and from what others said, it must have been around 40mph+---scary! There is an somewhat cruel final up hill before you make it to the transition again, this one made me sweat, but it was great and I actually did the bike in 3:12 which is a great time for me! More cheering from Fran and Make-A-Wish when I came in. I was feeling awesome but I could feel that it was hot.

I sat down and switched into socks and sneakers. In a short race I never wear socks, but once you go over the 10 mile mark, I found you need to protect your feet. I grabbed my fuel belt and headed out. Now the race was extremely well supported, but I don’t drink Gatorade (makes me puke) so I wanted to have 2 bottles of EFS to make sure I got the electrolytes I needed and I’m glad I had backup endurolytes to take with the water—I needed them as it was really hot. Headed out to the run---high 5 to Fran and yes, those Make-A-Wishers were again going nuts! Did I say how awesome those MAW volunteers were, truly a great group of people and Fran said a MAW recipient family was there cheering the whole day. I got up the hill and started the course and felt how hot and humid it was I switched my plan of targeting a 2 hour run. Instead I decided to negative split, which means I would go out steady and to pick up the 2nd lap if I had the energy. My plan was to avoid a bonk, cramps and walking and then pass a TON of people who did not follow a plan like mine. I felt slow and steady but pretty good, I try to break it up in short segments and then erase the board and start again otherwise 13.1 miles can feel daunting. I took ice and threw a cup of water on my head at every station. I remembered Ironman Torbjorn Sindballe’s method of ice in his hand to cool his large core, so I did that too.

At the 5k mark, we went down into a cul-de-sac neighborhood block party with music, bubbles, drinks, ice, sliced oranges and a men’s quartet. It was definitely something to look forward to on the way back. At this point, I could see my steady eddy method was working, as I was continually passing people. Then I got to the finish to the turn around for the first lap, the MAW folks had some lovely cold towels in addition to the high 5s. At this point I started thinking, I love the heat, I feel great I can pick up the pace a bit, I can do an Ironman someday, this is awesome—in no particular order. After the block party I tried to pick up my pace and about the 2 mile to go mark (before 1 more nice hill) I started smiling so much it hurt. At this point I felt so grateful that I am physically able to accomplish something like this and how lucky I am in my life with good friends, family and good fortune. I though of my dad JJ and how proud he would be and I though of the Make-A-Wish kids who probably would never have the opportunity to do something like this and I swear to you, I felt a cool breeze, a beautiful cool breeze at that point in the stifling heat. So many folks were walking and I knew my strategy had paid off. No, it wouldn’t be the fastest time, but I could definitely pick it up for a strong finish. As I came to the finish shoot I felt awesome, felt like sprinting and I looked up at the clock and calculated that my time was really good for me. And wouldn’t you know as I crossed the finish line, who do I see but Chrissie Wellington (2x Ironman World Champ) there to give me my finisher medal. Awesome! I asked her how she did and in a low key way she said she’d won. I told her we’d be rooting for her at Kona. She is an amazing philanthropist and champion and it was such a treat to have met her then and the day before as an award for being a MAW top 10 fundraiser (a picture of which is below.)

Overall I had an amazing time in so many ways, a fantastic race, new friends, helping Make-A-Wish, meeting the World Champion and of course, tax free shopping at the LL Bean outlet and TJ Maxx with Fran to kill some time! I am very proud to have coached myself to a personal best and in my book a perfectly executed race strategy (flexibility was key!) and nutrition plan. (EFS products are amazing-no stomach issues!) Seriously, being a part of the Make-A-Wish team was an absolute highlight and I encourage all of you again to please support these amazing people and help them to be able to grant their 100 wishes this year. We are all so lucky to have our health and to quote Chrissie Wellington, just remember “Anything is Possible!”


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