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God has a special plan and purpose for Elizabeth Barker's life!!

Elizabeth Barker, currently 13 years old, was born with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC). Being born with TSC a life long journey because there is no cure. Please help Elizabeth's family with medical expenses related to a medically needed surgery.

Elizabeth was born a typical baby and lived a healthy, happy life for 2 years. In 1999, her parents noticed a raised, bumpy patch of skin to the left of her nose on her cheek. They took her to the doctor for some cream to remove the "rash" and came home with an unsettling diagnosis. After 3 months of various tests, doctors determined that Elizabeth had TSC. TSC is a fairly rare genetic condition which can effect all of the major organs of the body. One in 6000 babies are born with it everyday.

The results of all of the testing determined that Elizabeth had a small brain tumor, numerous tumors in her each of her kidneys, tumors in her heart and of course, the tumors on her face. All of these tumors are benign yet if not monitored, can become large and prevent the affected organ from functioning properly.

As the years passed, there were many, many doctor visits to monitor all of these tumors. After a routine MRI in 2005, doctors noticed that Elizabeth's brain tumor had quadrupled in size. It was time for it to be removed!! With Elizabeth in God's hands, doctors successfully removed the tumor that was on the verge of causing hydrocephalus. Elizabeth made a quick post operative recovery with no immediate negative effects.

In 2008, Elizabeth started having some little dizzy spells every once in a while. After much research and an EEG evaluation, it was determined that she was having focal seizures. These focal seizures are slight, so they can be easily missed. Seizures are almost always a complication of TSC but she had never had any before. Elizabeth takes medication daily to help control her seizures.

This brings us to 2010. Each doctor we visited throughout the year suggested that the angiofibromas (benign tumors) on Elizabeth's face be removed through laser surgery. It was recommended that these tumors be removed for 2 specific reasons. One, is that they are fragile and easily bleed and can become infected. The second reason is her age. After puberty, these tumors become very difficult to remove because they almost always harden. It was determined that surgery was of the utmost importance and was scheduled for June 3rd, 2010.

Then everything came to a sudden halt. Our insurance company refused to pay for her surgery. Since the surgery is on her face, they consider this a cosmetic surgery. Elizabeth's dermatologist has appealed the insurance company twice but has had no success. They will not cover a dime!

As a family, we are heartbroken and confused by this. Elizabeth was born with life threatening ongoing medical condition and has significant health issues because of it.

Please help us with our fundraising efforts to raise the $15,000.00 we need to cover the cost of her surgery and her post operative care.
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