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I am trying to raise 10,000 to cover the expenses of an out of state kidney transplant for my donor and me. I am a teacher and she has just finished graduate school.

Dear Reader,

My name is Torrey Green, and I am a thirty-three year old art teacher in south Florida. In order to stay alive, I need a kidney transplant. When I was twenty-eight, my body attacked itself the way it would a virus. It turned on my kidneys and destroyed them. Two years later, as I lay dying in a hospital, a doctor told me, "It's death or dialysis."

For three years I have been forced to endure the horrors of dialysis. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday night, I must relinquish my youth and vitality and be attached to a machine for eight hours. The machine cleans my blood of toxins and removes the excess fluid my body cannot expel, as it does, I feel my energy and essence slowly drain out of me. When it is finally over, I feel as if I have aged fifty years and am so weak, I need a cane to walk. If I choose to skip a treatment, my body punishes me with shortness of breath, limbs swollen with so much fluid they ache, and an itching so severe, I have to claw my skin to stop it.

Dialysis is the only thing keeping me alive. Although I would not call this life. Life really comes from my awesome students who renew me daily with their excitement. I never got the love and validation I needed from family, but I have found it in the wonderful raindrops from heaven that fill my classroom and my heart with energy and a desire to keep going. Who knew that a bunch of tweens could give a dying man a reason to want to live.

A dear friend, my first girlfriend, has offered to donate one of her kidneys to me so that I can finally have my life back. As a teacher, I don't have the funds or savings I need to pay for the expenses of an organ transplant. I have insurance, but there are costs it does not cover. Just one of the anti rejection meds, Gengraf has a copay of $250.62 per month, for example, and this is a medication I will need for as long as I have the new kidney. Yanick, my wonderful donor will also have expenses.  I will need to pay for her food and lodging. After the operation, which will be at Emory University, I will need to stay in Atlanta for six weeks to recover, during which time I cannot drive or work. I will need upwards of 10,000 dollars to cover Yanick's and my medical bills and expenses.

The reason Yanick and I are going to Emory rather than a Florida hospital, is because she is not a match for me. Her blood type is B and mine is O. Emory has a donor swap program which means two kidney recipients essentially "swap" willing donors. I get a donor kidney with an O blood type and their recipient gets a B blood type kidney from Yanick.

My family support is limited. Which is why I am asking the universe to provide the resources I need. I have learned as an educator that the world is full of many good, caring people. I am hoping that if you read this you may be touched enough by my story to help me. "Cast your bread upon the waters, for after many days you will find it again." Ecclesiastes 11:1 Thank you for your time and for reading my story.


Torrey D. Green

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