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Riley needs spinal surgery and we are looking for a few angels to help us out.

Riley was one of a litter of four. He has two sisters and a brother. At 8 weeks he was sold to a very loving family, they called at 9 weeks and said Riley was wheezing and short of breath. They brought him to the vet and he was diagnosed with a cold and given antibiotics. At 10 weeks he was no better and they brought him back to the vet. They took an X-ray and said he had cardiomegaly ( enlarged heart) and had a very grim prognosis. We refunded the family and took Riley back per their wishes. We immediately brought him to our vet who we trust for a second opinion. She agreed and said we should make his days the best we can and. Keep him comfortable. Riley is a fighter and he disagreed. We had to switch vets because we moved and we brought him in for an evaluation with the new vet. She put him on L'Cartitine and Tourine to try to help his breathing. It was around this time that riley was losing function in his hind quarter. We brought him back in and they took another X-ray and noticed his heart was not enlarged and the problem was neurogenic. We were sent to the veterinary neurologist for a consult. She diagnosed him with Atlantoaxial luxation. It's where the first and second vertebrae are malformed and put pressure in his spine. Causing him ataxia ( wobbly ness ) and the breathing problems. We have tried other treatments and the Vet said he needs surgery. With this problem he could severe his spinal cord if he was to move wrong. The surgery is over 5000.00. We have spent 1000.00 on treatment thus far and we are looking for some angels to help our little guy out.
Update: 4/24/12
Today was a rough day for Riley. We went to see Dr. Vandenburg to get the Xrays he needed for the body splint. Dr. V wanted to lightly sedate him for the xrays. She advised me that while she moved his neck it could cause more damage to the spinal cord or worse case death. She wanted me to leave him with her for three hours and come back and get him. I left him there which was incredibly hard to do. About 20 minutes later Dr. V called me and she sounded a little excited. She told me I need to come back immediatley because Ry was having severe difficulty breathing. While she was examinig him before the sedation he began to have the shortness of breath and he became cyanotic. She moved him to an oxygen tent with high flow O2. She gave me a couple options for the next step in treatment. She said he needs to have these xrays done under general anesthesia. She will have the Anesthesiologist, Surgeon and herself present to do the exam. They will sedate him take one x-ray, then intubate him and continue the x-rays. Option 2 was to get an MRI under the same anesthesia. Option 1 was 880.00 and option 2 in 2200.00. At this point I needed to see what the finances looked like and I told her I would get back to her ASAP. Today's visit was 120.00. On the way home Riley had another onset of the severe Shortness of breath and his lips/mucus membranes turned blue. At this point I called and scheduled Option 1 for Thursday. Thank
you all for your support .
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