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Hello, My Name is Jerod I am 21yrs of age battling schizophrenia

I recently just got kicked out of my fathers house for taking one of his cars to work with no plates. Reason i did that was to put new tires, batterys, paint job, and tune up. I guess he thought i was joy riding. I live in Joliet, IL with my 13 year old brother at one of my dads houses. I want to find a place for him to live with me. The house is trashed very bad that is one reason I am facing a few mental problems. I went to Ohio Technical College for collision repair and obtain my associates in applied science Feb 2014. Then came the downfall. 3 weeks before graduation all my friends got me to try a bump of yay. I went back to Ohio a few nights after that and the next morning i get a call saying my best friend hung himself. After Graduation everything was ok until oct 2014 they brought blow around again. i did it here and there then my grandpa died and i binged for a week. everything was cool again ended getting a good job in may 2015. i realized thats where it started i never made 600 a week before so i went out alot. Then it came back but it didnt get bad until fall. fall 2015 til Spring 2016 where the worst my grandma cousin and daughter and her mother died. now that i was alot more clear in the head was when i wanted to paint my dads car. i love working on cars. now i have really $120 to my name i could sell my dads parts i got him but its my dad i love him so he can keep them. Even tho hes rich with his own company i understand why i cant ask him hes though love. i never told him about my addiction depression or suicide thoughts. my bestfriend Jacquee has a child by someone who doesn't care for them. i want to get Me My Brother Jarell Jacquee and her daughter Anastasia out this hell. and write a book and movie showing teens what i went through. i have to be helping someone at all times the Joliet residents who know me know exactly that and used me nonstop. i have to teach the youth what goes on everyday around them. it'll be my stories but i can always show the relations between my situations and their situation. I have medical bills from my anemia broken back. i also received my first cavity after 21 years im looking into healthcare to pay for it all and grants for my school loans, but if you could i would greatly appreciate it. Im 2 months sober i can handle my parts this is all for Jarell Jacquee and Anastasia

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