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The family of Peggy Bachofner are reaching out to save the life of a cherished companion, Dudley, who requires extensive chemotherapy.

Hi, my name is Angie Bachofner, daughter of Peggy Bachofner. My mother, who does not have access to the internet, has run in to a bit of trouble, and I am trying every outlet I can to help her and our loveable family dog. As the title states, please help us save Dudley. Dudley is a gigantic, sweet, loveable dalmation/hound/bulldog mix. My mom, Peggy, lives alone with Dudley, Dudley's mom, sister, and brother. The four are her self-proclaimed "loveable pack."

Now the problem... Dudley has been diagnosed with a malignant metastic tumor. The first indication of trouble was when Dudley began having heavy seizures and nose bleeds. Alarmed, Peggy took her to the local vet, who told her they were unable to treat Dudley's problems, and referred her to the nearest specialist.. located in Columbia, SC.. an hour and a half away. So, Peggy took her, only to find out Dudley has a gigantic, growing tumor within her nasal cavity, behind her eye, and leading towards her brain. The tumor is treatable, but not by surgery, due to its location, only by chemotheraphy.

This is where you can come in. The procedures will cost Peggy roughly $6,100, and this is not including the gas to and from the center, nor does it include the money she will lose from having to take whole days off of work to drive her. She has been taking her weekly now for about 3 weeks, but they are running out of things to do without beginning chemotherapy. Your contributions would go strictly to helping Peggy be able to afford those treatments for a wonderful dog of both personal and communal value.

Dudley provides Peggy with many avenues of comfort. For starters, she has been a loyal companion for more than 10 years now. Peggy, who lives in a rough neighborhood, also depends on Dudley for that extra bit of security and ease. Dudley is also a regular figure of motivation, inspiration, and downright comical stories at the local church where Peggy teaches Sunday School with her weekly.

Recently, Peggy had a water main bust under her house. A plumber, assuring her he could fix it within a day, charged her in excess of several thousand dollars (her savings plus the opening and maxing out of a credit card), as it was under the foundation and required extensive work. He then told her he could not do the job, and left, unable to be found, taking the money with him. The job is still undone, and Peggy bathes, cleans, and waters her dog using jugs of water she fills from a yard pipe.

This financial atrocity is what is preventing Peggy from saving her decade-long companion. Please, do all that you can, as Peggy and Dudley both have done so much for us.

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