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Friends and family of Shawn and Mary are uniting to help "Lady", a found stray puppy with a two month old broken leg that now needs surgery

6 Days ago, Shawn found a six month old puppy running the streets of our neighborhood freezing and injured. Wind chill that day was -10. After about a half hour of freezing himself trying to coax the dog over to him, she finally went up to him and snuggled up between his legs in submission. He knocked on some local neighbors doors trying to find the owner of this puppy. With no luck, he brought her home to warm her up and get some food in her tummy as she was clearly very thin and needed to eat. We spoke to some local neighbors that said this injury was an old injury that the owners neglected to fix. Fortunately for Lady, our family fell in love with her and our hearts are broken that anyone would let a dog live in so much pain. That night, we brought her to an emergency clinic not knowing if she needed immediate care or not. They advised she had a broken leg at her hip and that the injury was approximately TWO MONTHS OLD! The next day we went to our local vet for advice on what needs to happen. She said the injury is too old to "Pin" the bones and the only way to help her is perform whats called a Femoral Head Excision which is an old procedure that also helps animals with hip displacea. They basically remove the ball from her hip bone and smooth over the leg bone so it's not rubbing bone on bone and causing pain. Her muscles will eventually get stronger and take over the leg for mobility. Her prognosis is extremely good once this is performed and she will likely be able to get around like normal because she's so young. Giving our situation, the surgeon is willing to give us a discount however it's still going to cost us approximately 2500.00 for the surgery, not including any diagnostic testing and bloodwork involved. We have already spent approximately 600.00 on her thus far. The owners of the dog have given up their rights to her knowing that cannot provide for her medical needs. So it's up to us to help her! The surgery has been scheduled already (Feb 6th at Riverbend Animal Hospital in Hadley) as we want her out of this pain as soon as possible, however we are financing this as it costs so much and are hoping our friends and family can help us out. She is very sweet tempered and such a loyal dog already, I'm sure you agree she deserves to be relieved of this pain. PLEASE HELP US! Even if everyone donated $5.00 or even $10.00 dollars, it's not that much to you, however our efforts combined can really make a difference! Also if you could share this page with your friends to help get the word out! Thank you sooo much for your help!!!
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