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Proud friends trying to raise money to buy a car for our friend Eric. He is an amazing person and no one else is more deserving of this!

If you were to pass him on the street, you wouldn't think twice about him. He doesn't stand out in a major way and he doesn't try to be the center of attention. He isn't dying and he doesn't have any major health problems. However, he will give the shirt of his back to anyone in need and helps everyone as much as he possibly can! He the best person I know and I want to give back for everything he has done for me and our group of friends.

His name is Eric and he never asks for anything in return. For as long as I can remember, Eric has been there for every one of our friends countless times. Without missing a beat, he drops everything he is doing to be there for us. Eric always knows what to say and when to say it. No one can keep a straight face around him. When he walks into the room, Eric breaths life into all of us. His life dream is to be police officer so that he can help people on a daily basis. Eric is a student at a Native American college about 30 minutes away from our town. He has received scholarships for academic excellence and for his contributions to the school. Last year he sat on the student council board as the freshman representative for the whole class of 2015.

He is honest, responsible, kind, charismatic, funny, compassionate, never tolerates hatred or violence. In conflict he always stands up for what is right and fair for both people in the argument. I don't know how else to prove to you that he is an amazing person. I wish you all could know him like we do.

His passion for helping people is what inspired us to look for help. Although Eric has never asked us for ANYTHING, we are always running to him to solve our problems. My friends and I want to help him get a new car. He currently drives an old beat up, rusty truck. It is a small red single cab chevy s10 (and he is 6ft3..he barely fits). The whole thing is about to fall apart but he has never complained about it. Eric comes from a low income family and can't afford a new car on their own. He is a courier for a real estate agent and drives A LOT on top of the 60 mile round trip to get to work and back to his dorms. We just want him to have a safe and reliable car!

Please help us make the best person we know, the happiest person in the world. No one is more deserving than him. Any and all donations are GREATLY appreciated. I know that if this works, nothing will be able to get the smile off his face! He will never see it coming!

Thank you for at least reading about him and God bless you all!

P.S. We know that there are sick people who need donations for medical treatment and won't hold hard feelings against anyone who feels like they can't donate. We completely understand but thank you for your time! (:
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