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Frank Wadel's family and friends are raising money to help with the costs associated with the treatments for refractory Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

Frank Wadel is one of the most genuine and kind people you could ever
know. In January 2012, he was diagnosed with cancer called Hodgkins
Lymphoma. He went through months of chemotherapy and radiation, only to
achieve a partial remission. Bring on round two of chemo. Then, in April
of 2013, he received high dose chemotherapy with a bone marrow/stem cell
transplant. All seemed to be going well...he was feeling good, looked
good, and was determined that he kicked cancer's arse. In October, after
a routine follow up scan, we found out that the cancer had once again
returned. Frank had a second transplant in January of 2014, this time from a donor. He was in the hospital for 3-4 weeks, then still had to live
within 15 minutes of the hospital until approximately 100 days
post-transplant. On day +50ish, we found out the cancer
had returned yet again.  He then faced continued treatments, as well
as still trying to recover from the transplant.   

Most recently (July 2015), Frank had clear scans, putting him in remission.  However, as a result of the donor transplant, Frank continues to suffer from the effects of Chronic Graft vs. Host Disease, (GVHD), which, put simply,  is when immune cells (white blood cells) in the tissue (the graft) recognize the recipient (the host) as "foreign." The transplanted immune cells then attack the host's body cells.  For Frank, the GVHD is affecting his skin, mouth, and mostly, his eyes.  He is currently undergoing treatments called Extracorporeal Photopheresis, which treats his blood to try and combat the effects of the GVHD.  He is also being fitted for special scleral lenses to help with the eye symptoms.  He is still unable to work, as he is still on immunosuppressants, (also to fight the GVHD), gets fatigued easily, and his vision quality is nowhere where it was.  The effects on his eyes means he cannot drive in low light, or focus for any length of time on a screen.  Even through all of this, Frank and our family remain buoyed by the support of our friends and family, and we remain ever hopeful and positive.  Your continued support is, as always, greatly appreciated, as we continue to battle through.

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